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Al Hana Mosque or commonly referred to as Masjid Al Hana is one of the oldest mosques in Kedah Langkawi, Malaysia. This esteemed shrine radiantly stands to the west of the scenic themed Lagenda parkland along Persiaran Putra. It was inaugurated by Malaysia’s first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman in 1959. This whitewashed peach and gold structure exquisitely features Moorish architecture by amalgamating the Islamic motifs and carvings from Uzbekistan into the Malaysian style of architecture.

Crowned by a gilded onion-shaped dome, Al Hana mosque has a gold-lacquered main dome with many other small domes. This Islamic place of worship involves a Musalla (main prayer hall) where devotees can sit, kneel, and bow and behold the abstract floral patterns and some verses of the Quran which are artistically engraved on the stained glass. There are bookshelves holding copies of the Quran, rihal (wooden book stands), some religious material, and prayer rugs in the prayer room. Also, a private and curtained area is specifically dedicated for female congregants to pray.

Visitors are required to maintain silence and remove their shoes outside the mosque. Female congregants are expected to be dressed modestly. 

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