Fossil Shell Cemetery, Krabi Overview

Located on the shore of Tale Baan Lam Pho in the Sai Thai town of Krabi, Fossil Shell Cemetery is a unique geological wonder and an offbeat attraction to explore. It is a seaside destination where you can witness an eerie rock formation forged by the forces of nature. At first glance, it might look like a beach made of slate blocks reaching into the sea, but they are fossils dating back about 75 million years. The rock formations are about 200 meters wide and 50 meters broad.

The common explanation is that in the past, this area used to be a freshwater region and home to thousands of gastropods, commonly identified as snails and slugs. Earth’s tectonic movements caused salty seawater to flood the area. Due to the habitat change, the ecosystem suffered, and marine life died away. Over the years, the shells fused together to form solid masses of lignite deposit rocks from the organic remains.

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