Koh Kradan, Krabi Overview

Koh Kradan, located in Trang Province of Thailand, is about 40 to 50 minutes away from Krabi. A part of Had Chao Mai National Park, it is popular for having the most beautiful beaches in Thailand and breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. Koh Kradan is especially visited by travelers and backpackers looking for offbeat places.

Travelling up to the island is no biggy since it’s quite close to Krabi and there are many speed boats that can take you to and fro. If you are looking for to spending time in a place far away from any city troubles then hop on the next flight to visit this idyllic island of Koh Kradan. The crystal clear cyan blue water and pearl white sand that mark every beach on this island will leave you mesmerized at the very first sight. The island obtains its name from its very own elongated oblong shape. Over the years it has obtained a reputation that is tranquil and serene.

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How to Reach Koh Kradan

Koh Kradan is located in Trang province. So, once you reach Trang airport, take a minivan from there to the Khuan Tungku pier. At the pier, you can board a longtail boat that will help you get to Koh Kradan in about 30 to 40 minutes. There is also a ferry at regular intervals to travel from Krabi up to Koh Kradan Island and fro.

Weather and Best Time to Visit

The best time to go to the island of Koh Kradan is from December to March. During this season the climate of the island is most pleasant and enjoyable. The water levels permit activities such as deep sea diving and snorkelling. During the low season for May to October, most of the island activities for tourists are not permitted and there are restrictions on visiting many places. Some resorts on Koh Kradan and other neighbouring islands of Trang province are also shut.

Koh Kradan Beaches

Paradise Beach: This main beach on Koh Kradan, located on the east coast of the island, has the majority of resort and restaurants that one could explore. This part of the island has a rich coral reef, so divers will fall in love with this beach. The flabbergasting view of the limestone castes that frame the island of Koh Muk in the distant will leave you staggered.

Ao Niang Beach: This beach is only accessible by boats. The moment you step on the 800-metre snowy white beach sand on Ao Niang, you are sure to fall in love with the place. It is enclosed by huge black volcanic rocks on either end. Ancient style bungalows fill the beach with a small restaurant on the side where you could dine in the open and sip on drinks while enjoying the spectacular view. Abundant coral teams up with a vase aquatic life, and this makes the beach ideal for snorkelling.

Ao Pai Beach: This small beach is void of any kind of accommodation. Hence, nature lovers will find the calmness and pristine beauty of the beach likeable in a soothing way. You can spend a quiet afternoon on this beach all by yourself with no one to disturb your deep thoughts.

Sunset Beach: Known locally as the Ao Chong Loam Beach, this place is to the west of Koh Kradan Island. This 800-metre long beach is famous for its exceptional sunsets. You can take a long stroll on the beach or climb up the hill from where you can see the beautiful Koh Rok Island and vivid sunset. This view from the top of the hill will make each step you climbed to get there, worthy.

Koh Kradan Beach

Things to Do at Koh Kradan Island

Visit the Morakot Cave: Also known as the Emerald cave, this is a secret cave that is worth a visit. It’s a great place to discover a whole new species of creatures you mustn’t have seen. The best part about the cave it the water that looks sparkling emerald in the sun.

Explore the island in a Kayak: Many resorts on the island offer a kayak on rent. They will charge you on an hourly basis. It might be a great experience for you to go kayaking around the island of Koh Kradan. You could also visit Koh Mook and the Emerald Cave there in a kayak. Make sure you carry enough supplies on this trip since it might get a tad tiring.

Koh Kradan
A boat along the coast of Koh Kradan

Take up a Snorkelling lesson: Snorkelling is the most favourite activity of many tourists around the island. You get to discover a new world that exists in the deep blue ocean which will leave you in awe.

Go beach hopping: Koh Kradan is a land of numerous beaches, and you must surely explore each and every one of these mesmerizing places. The coral reef and aquatic life at these beaches are very different than what you must have ever come across. Sending a few hours on any beach in Koh Kradan is next to paradise.

Koh Kradan Beach
One of the beaches at Koh Kradan Island

Koh Kradan Accommodation & Where to Stay

If you are on a budget trip, then you might want to rent a bungalow rather than living at a resort. The bungalows on Koh Kradan Island are in great demand and quick filling. So, you might want to make a booking. At the Hat Chao Mai National Park, you can apparently rent tents. Most of the resorts in Koh Kradan are beach facing. There aren’t many modern amenities available, but your stay at a resort might be much more comfortable than in a tent.


1. While on a trip to the various beaches on the island, carry wet towels, bathing suits, hats, sunglasses and a lot of water.
2. Do not forget to keep applying sunscreen or else you are sure to face severe sunburns.
3. Make sure you carry proper identification proof while going for snorkelling and diving on the island.

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