5 Best Places to Enjoy Kayaking in Krabi

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In Krabi, Kayaking is not just an activity but a medium of transport while you go about sightseeing through its many natural wonders. Kayaking in Krabi allows you to explore its gorgeous canyons, mangrove swamps, karsts, and hidden beaches at your own pace and leisure. Thus, instead of just being a leisurely activity, kayaking through Krabi's diverse landscapes turns into an enriching, self-paced and self muscled endeavour.

Is Kayaking is Krabi Worth It?

The many islands, bays, and streams through the mangrove forests and jungles make Kayaking in Krabi a very lively activity. In Krabi, you can take a guided tour or rent a kayak on an hourly basis for exploring the place on your own. The still waters make Kayaking in Krabi easy and fun even for first-timers and kids.

Best time for Kayaking in Krabi


The best time to go for kayaking here in Krabi is during the months of November to February when the weather is apt and the water visibility, fantastic. You can plan your kayaking trip for any time of the day from early morning to sunset from Ao Nang, Krabi Town or Railay Beach by making advance bookings for the same. For a surreal experience, you can also try kayaking in the bioluminescent waters of Pranang beach at night.

It is best to go kayaking on a high tide day, but kayaking in Krabi is fun even in low tide as you can catch a glimpse of the incredible marine life more closely.

Best Places for Kayaking in Krabi

Here are the best places for kayaking in Krabi -

1. Thalane Bay


Thalane Bay is one of the most famous places for kayaking in Krabi. Located near Ao Nang and Hong Island it is ideal for kayaking owing to the still and clear waters. The Bay offers mesmerizing views of mangrove forests, two majestic lagoons, natural rock formations, and the beautiful Crocodile cave. You can opt for half-day or full-day kayaking tours to Thalane Bay. For a more astounding experience, book a sunset tour and witness the tranquillity of the scenery.

At Thalane Bay you can closely see the mangrove wildlife full of animals such as monkeys, birds, lizards, otters of different varieties. You can see through the clear waters and enjoy the colourful underwater life. Snorkelling at Thalane Bay is also fun owing to the rich marine life.

2. Bor Thor Village


One of the oldest villages in Thailand, Bor Thor Village is surrounded by caves and backwaters. The beautiful landscapes and marvellous river routes make it a popular place for kayaking in Krabi. The primary attraction in Bor Thor is its caves having historical paintings and unusual rock formations. You can book a half-day tour and paddle through the dense mangroves to reach the caves. On your way, you will see local fishers and schools of fish around you.

You can witness stalactites and stalagmites while kayaking through the Tham Lodi Tai Cave, which is a rock tunnel. The ancient cave of Pee Hua Toh has prehistoric cave art which is 3000 to 5000 years old, making it a must-visit landmark while kayaking in Krabi. The cave also has layers of shell formations that have archaeological importance. You can also head to the beautiful lagoon in the mountain of Tham Khao Wong and enjoy its serenity. The dense mangrove forests of Bor Thor are bustling with wildlife, and you can catch glimpses of monkeys, herons, kingfishers, crabs and several varieties of fish. If you book a full-day tour, you can enjoy a relaxing dip in the Phuthara lagoon, which is a natural pool.

3. Talabeng Island


Visiting Talabeng Island is a must while kayaking in Krabi. This beautiful island is a giant limestone cliff with waterways running through them. You can have a personalized kayaking experience at Talabeng while you explore its dense mangrove forests, pristine bays, secluded beaches, and numerous caves. Book a day tour from Koh Lanta and reach Talabeng in an hour enjoying the tropical countryside view on the way. Kayaking around the Koh Talabeng island, you can enjoy its serene natural charm and explore various sea and land caves. The limestone cliffs and ceiling-high stalactites are the main attractions for tourists.

Try cave climbing at the famous Them Yai Prasat cave. Spend some time swimming or relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Ao Bon and Talay Waek while feasting on authentic Thai food. You can do some adventurous hiking and rock climbing on the Koh Phee island, also known as the Ghost Island as it is shaped like a human skull. Wildlife is abundant on the karst island, and you can easily catch glimpses of monkeys, Thai alligators, and large tropical birds.

4. Tung Yee Peng

Located on the eastern coast of Koh Lanta, Tung Yee Peng Village is an inhabited mangrove forest. The local community uses traditional practices to maintain the forest and preserve its natural resources. The village has been recognized as the best eco-tourist spot in Thailand. You can explore the mangroves on foot, but kayaking will allow you to witness the natural abundance of the place intimately.

Tung Yee Peng is one of the best places for kayaking in Krabi as you can closely observe the plant life, wildlife and marine life of the mangroves. You can witness monkeys, reptiles, and birds in the forest along with fishes, crabs, oysters, shrimps, and lobsters in the water. You can participate in ecotourism activities such as catching fishes and crabs, planting seagrasses, constructing houses for fishes etc. The forest community restaurant has an isolated saltwater pen where they raise fishes, crabs, oysters, and lobsters. You can select and feast on your favourite seafood here.

5. Phang Nga Bay


Spend a day leisurely kayaking in Krabi to one of the most famous landmarks of Thailand, The Phang Nga Bay. It is easily accessible from Krabi as it lies in between southern Thailand's mainland and Phuket Island. This beautiful bay has captivating limestone cliffs and karsts set up in emerald waters. You can explore the bay on a kayak and visit the famous James Bond Island (Koh Tapu) and Koh Panyee island.

You can witness the filming location of the movie "The Man with the Golden Gun" of Bond Series at The James Bond island, which is also famous for its panoramic coastline. Discover the local culture and enjoy lunch at the Muslim fishing village at Koh Panyee. You can go cave exploring at Tham Lot cave and also spend time relaxing, snorkelling and swimming at Hong Island.

Kayaking in Krabi is full of adventure and a must-do on your vacation in Thailand. Spend your time exploring the natural landscapes of Krabi on a kayak. The experience of seeing the best nature has bestowed on Krabi is sure to leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

This post was published by Akancha Tripathi

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