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"Nature, food and culture in one."

Trang Tourism

Trang is a city in Southern Thailand known for its food and culture. It shares the same traditional heritage as the nearby cities of Krabi and Phuket. It is not crowded, but still a very lively city with many natural attractions surrounding it. Most people use Trang just as a transit destination to get to the other cities, but you should definitely stay for a day ot two to experience beautiful local culture and markets.

Trang's idyllic white sand beaches offer peace and tranquility because it is not raided with mass tourism. It has more of the rural settlements and is a very low-key city. It is Thailand's hidden gem and you should spend time here instead of just going to the nearby cities of Krabi and Phuket. Due to its rich culture and food, it has started to attract many visitors. There is always some small festival happening here that oozes tradition. The surrounding inclues caves, lakes, hot springs and waterfalls, making it perfect for nature lovers.

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More on Trang

Trang Customs

Trang is a liberal city and there are not any strict rules relating to clothing. You can dress as you please, but it is advisable to be appropriately dressed while visiting the temples. Trang being a culturally relevant city, you should respect the locals. Tipping is not common, but good service should be appreciated.

Language of Trang

Thai is the common language spoken in Trang. All guesthouse and hotel managers, and thr restaurants will speak English. However, the local vendors and drivers might not, so learning a few basic Thai phrases would help a long way.

History of Trang

Trang was a major seaport of southern Thailand, and many ships used to arrive in the morning. The name Trang comes from the Malay word "Terang" meaning light. It was originally a part of the Kedah Tua kingdom of Malaysia. It got it's first governer under the reign of King Rama II.

Shopping in Trang

Not very well known for shopping, but it has a walking street where you can buy some souvenirs like handicrafts and handmade jewellery. Beaches have small shacks selling important beach items like swimsuits, hats, etc.

Currency in Trang

Major cards are accepted by the guesthouse and restaurants, but local vendors will accept only cash. So it is advisable to carry some Baht with you while travelling around.

Exchanging Money in Trang

Many ATMs and banks are situated at the east side of the train station.These give you a good exchange rate and it's best you stock up a lot of cash before hitting the islands where ATMs are hardly available.

Daily Budget for Trang

A daily budget of around 1,000 Baht would suffice in Trang. This would include food, alcohol, travelling, entry fees and shopping.

Religion of Trang

Buddhism is the key religion followed in Trang.

Restaurants and Local Food in Trang

Trang is mostly famous for it's Chinese and Muslim-Thai influenced food. The night market Centrepoint is the best place to try out local delicious food, most popular dish being the Southern Thai Khao Gaeng. If you prefer going to a restaurant, Kim restaurant, Jay Wan, Mustafa are some of the best. Trang is also famous for it's many flavors of cake, a must try when you're here.
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Holidify's Opinion

What's Great?

  • Great food to rich culture to mesmerizing scenic beautywithout being crowded.
  • Trang serves a unique cuisine, which is distinct from other parts of the country. People from all around Thailand visit Trang to taste the delectable seafood, dim sum (Chinese noun for stuffed dumplings) and pastries. 
  • Trang city and Kantang (Old town) have a reputation of having excellent street art depicting various animals and cultural figures, dugong being the most popular character.
  • Though not wholly unexplored, the islands in Trang are less developed than those in Phuket or Krabi, making it beautiful naturally. There is plenty of beachfront accommodation on all the islands.
  • With powdery white sand, clear waters and surrounded by rubber and oil-tree plantations, the island is a favourite among nature lovers.
  • The deep-sea has colourful tropical fishes, a few endangered dugongs, and coral reefs making snorkelling and diving an excellent option for day-trippers.

What's Not So Great?

  • One requires meticulous planning and hard work to reach the Trang islands. Travel time is less for the three famous northern islands, Koh Muk, Koh Ngai and Koh Kradan. However, travelling to the remote southern islands Libong, Sukorn and Bulone take a bit longer.
  • Once you book accommodation, it is not easy to swap places due to limited resorts, hotels and the distance between the islands. Take into consideration all critical factors before zeroing down on your stay.
  • The islands of Trang see an influx of Thai visitors during major Thai holidays (three days or more), particularly during Songkran and New year. Landing up here during these times will disrupt your vacation for sure.
  • Once you are on the island, you have limited or no outside dining opportunities.
  • Though one will find peace and tranquillity in these lonely beaches of Trang, for those party freaks, lack of nighttime activities or shopping hubs, may become too much nothingness. Some people find isolated islands too dull!

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You can take a flight from your respective country to Bangkok, and then take a flight or train from Bangkok to Trang.

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