Food of Trang

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Sub-Region: Trang Province


Trang is mostly famous for it's Chinese and Muslim-Thai influenced food. The night market Centrepoint is the best place to try out local delicious food, most popular dish being the Southern Thai Khao Gaeng. If you prefer going to a restaurant, Kim restaurant, Jay Wan, Mustafa are some of the best. Trang is also famous for it's many flavors of cake, a must try when you're here.

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Local dishes of Trang
Local dishes of Trang

Food and Restaurants for Indians in Trang

Trang has a few good options when it comes to vegetarian food. Raan Ahaan Jay Sukkhaphap is the most popular place. Trang even has a ten day vegetarian festival in September. Kit Pung Vegetarian is another restaurant offering some great vegan options too.

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