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What is the best time to visit Jog Falls?

Summers in Jog Falls is extremely hot, while the monsoons are the best to visit this beauty. Winters are also a great time to visit this place, with temperature conditions that are perfect for outdoor activities. Since Jog Falls is a seasonal waterfall, the best time to experience the Falls in its natural shade is the monsoons. Though the place is popular for winter picnics and outings, the beauty of the waterfall is suppressed due to the lack of rains in winter as well as summer. The magnificence of this glorious waterfall is unmatchable, and it is safe to say that it provides a sense of serenity that can hardly be found anywhere else.

Weather in Jog Falls


Upcoming Jog Falls Weather

Monthly Weather in Jog Falls

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 32°/ 18° 0 days
February 34°/ 19° 0 days
March 35°/ 20° 2 days
April 35°/ 22° 7 days
May 35°/ 22° 0 days
June 29°/ 23° 22 days
July 24°/ 21° 31 days
August 25°/ 21° 31 days
September 26°/ 21° 28 days
October 29°/ 21° 27 days
November 31°/ 21° 8 days
December 32°/ 21° 0 days

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Jog Falls in Summer (March - May)

Summers in Jog Falls get extremely intolerable owing to the scorching heat that pulls up the mercury level up to as high as 40 degree Celsius. Moreover, due to the lack of rain, the cascading waterfall dries up, thus making your trip to this region futile. It is best to avoid planning your trip to the Jog Falls in the summer season which usually commences from March and stays till May at the very least.
Summer in Jog Falls
Summer in Jog Falls

Jog Falls in Monsoon (June - September)

The months between June and September are the ideal ones to plan a getaway to this picturesque beauty; as the rains enhance the beauty of the place and restore the falls to its original form. With an average temperature that more or less hovers between 24 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius, Jog Falls is decked with a thick coat of luscious green that will take your breath away. While here, make sure you add the gushing Dabbe Falls, Tunga Anicut Dam, Unchalli Falls, and the Linganamakki Dam to your list of the ‘places to visit’.
Jog Falls in Monsoon Season
Jog Falls in Monsoon Season

Jog Falls in Winter (November - February)

With the temperature that fluctuates between a chilly 15 degree Celsius and a comfortable 30 degree Celsius, Jog Falls during the winter months, which usually fall between October and February, experience cool and pleasant weather. Ideal for outdoor activities like family picnics and sightseeing, these months draw in people in large numbers. Do take part in the fascinating water sports, such as boating, river rafting, and kayaking. Some of the best places to visit at this time are the quaint Sigandur Village, the captivating Thyvare Koppa Lion and Tiger Reserve, and the mystical Kanoor Fort.
Jog Falls
Jog Falls

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