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Kolapura or Mookambika

"The Temple-Town of Karnataka"

Kollur Tourism

Situated at the foot of Western ghats, this temple city of Kollur, also known as Kolapura, is a famous pilgrimage site in Karnataka known for the famous Mookampika Temple. Often believed that sage Kola’s spiritual faith has led to the enlightenment of the city with the building of the temple, devoted for worshipping Shakti or Parvati Goddess.

The Souparnika river adds to the beauty of this town. Located in the lap of Byndoor Taluk, this little temple town is just 74 km from Udupi. With dense forests surrounded, occasional waterfalls located, mini hiking routes carved, unexplainable flora and fauna and many small temples all around - all this to make Kollur more than just a pilgrimage to its visitors.

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History of Kollur

Kollur is one amongst the seven Mukti pilgrimage places established by Lord Parashurama in the state, Kollur got its name from Maharishi Kolapura. Legends say that sage Kolapura was performing an atonement near Agniteertha from where Lord Shiva got attracted with maharishi’s perseverance.

Being satisfied with his faithfulness and sanctity in worship, Lord Shiva made a Swayambhu linga (autogenic) appear in front of Rishi every day for his worship. However, Kolapura desired to worship Goddess Durga, as well.

From there on a Swarna Rekha or a golden line appeared in the linga depicting the existence of Devi Durga, residing alongside with Lord Shiva. The worship here is conducted in the form of Jyotirlinga, a confluence of Shiva and Shakti. It is also said that not only Shiva and Shakti reside in this linga, but other Hindu gods and goddesses also reside in this temple.

Tips When Visiting Kollur

  • Those who wish to visit Kollur when its less crowded, June will be a good time. You can get hotels for cheaper rates but there will be strong winds and extremely humid weather.
  • Knowing the local Kannada and Tulu language will be helpful in the entire journey. English and Hindi are also good to converse.
  • Since it is a very conservative temple town, do not wear provocative clothing. 

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FAQs on Kollur

What is famous about Kollur?

The ambience of Kollur amidst forest, waterfalls, long roads, beautiful temples and clear skies is the best of all. For a tired soul, the great sightseeing places that the town offers will be an enthralling experience.

What is not so good about Kollur?

If you are planning to spend a week in this town, the plan will not yield any good results.Kollur is good for a day or two. Also there is no such specialty in Kollur’s nightlife.

Who should visit Kollur?

  • Religious devotees who have an affinity in spirituality 
  • Nature lovers and peace finders 
  • Travellers with a passion to know history and culture 
  • Biologists and conservationists
  • Also backpackers with just a weekend in hand

What is the best time to visit Kollur?

The best time to visit Kollur is from August to October. This time witnesses the largest influx of tourists in Kollur when the average temperature ranges between 24-29 degrees celsius, with calm and stable winds and comfortable humidity. Summers in the southern region of the country are expectedly much warmer with the average temperature ranging within 34 degrees celsius to 32 degrees Celsius in the months between March to May.
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What is the best way to reach Kollur?

Kollur is best reached by road. There are plenty of buses that go from Mangalore and Udupi. One can drive as well since the roads are good and there are endless scenic views en route. The nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport, 102 km away. The nearest railway station is Byndoor (28 km away) but the Kundapura railway station (40 km away) connects to all the major cities so one can opt for that. 
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What are the places near Kollur?

The top places near to Kollur are Jog falls which is 40 km from Kollur, Murudeshwar which is located 43 km from Kollur, Honnemaradu which is located 35 km from Kollur, Maravanthe which is located 23 km from Kollur, Gokarna which is located 92 km from Kollur

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