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The Statue Square located on the Des Voeux Road in Central Hong Kong is one of the most renowned public pedestrian squares in Asia. Built in 1897 on the land reclaimed by the city, this square now allows visitors to view some of the key monuments erected and unveiled by famous artists from around the globe.

The countless statues built in honor of the imperial leaders of the past, influential businessmen and spokesperson and civic heroes truly inculcate a sense of pride and awe amongst the mind of the visitors - both young and old. What makes the Statue Square even more unique and attractive are collections of asymmetrically placed geometric shaped pools and flower beds at regular intervals throughout the area which indeed enhances the aesthetics of this historic landmark.

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The main highlights of the Statue Square are definitely the classic buildings and palatial structures surrounding it. The area has been divided into four sections, namely the north block, south block, east block and west block. 

South Block: The new sprawling headquarters buildings of the Hong Kong HSBC bank located along the Des Voeux Road Central which is one of the prime locations in the southern block. What makes this headquarters even more unique is the location of the older, smaller HSBC headquarters built way back in 1869, which is situated just a few meters from the sprawling, new structure. 

East Block: The East Block houses two of the main government buildings in Hong Kong that is the Legislative Council Building and the Hong Kong Club Building standing proudly as a symbol of the city’s just nature and rich diversity.

The HSBC headquarters at Statue Square Hong Kong

West Block: The Western Block houses most of the historical monuments and structures built during the British reign. While the Price’s Building and the Queen’s Building are situated right along the square, the King’s Building which was a home to the Marconi Wireless, the office tower of St. George’s Building and the Alexandra Building named after Queen Alexandra who was the Princess of Wales are situated further westwards.

North Block: On the Northern side of the Square, we come across the Edinburgh Palace, which separates the Statue Square from the Victoria Harbor.

The Statues at Statue Square

The Statue Square, as the name suggests is very well known around the world for the unique, historic statues it houses such as the statue of Sir Thomas Jackson, a blind folded state of Themis, who is the Greek Goddess of Justice and Law. Statue Square in Hong Kong displays these buildings:
  • The restored statue of the late Queen Victoria which was officially unveiled in 1896, but was snatched away by the Japanese during World War Two, which was reclaimed by the Hong Kong officials in 1952.
  • Tthe statue of Prince Albert which was added in the early 1900s.
  • The statue of Edward VII which was officially unveiled in 1907 by Catchick Chater, who was the former Duke of Connaught.
  • The statue of Mary of Teck, who was once the Princess of Wales and later went on to become the Queen. Officially unveiled in 1909, it was taken down during the Japanese occupation in Hong Kong during the Second World War.
  • The statue of Sir Arthur Kennedy which was officially unveiled in 1887, just a few years after his death.
  • The statue of Sir Henry May who was the 15th Governor of Hong Kong.
  • The statue of King George VI which was dedicated to the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens.

Statue Square Hong Kong


  • The premises of the Statue Square is totally diabled friendly and has special ramps and wheelchair facilities. 
  • It is advisable to visit the Statue Square either during early mornings when the weather is nice and pleasant or during the late evenings when all the statues and buildings are beautifully lit up across the various blocks.

How To Reach Statue Square Hong Kong

MTR: Taking an MTR to the Statue Square is the most convenient and economic means to reach the destination. There are quite a number of MTR stations around the Statue Square
  • The Charter Road MTR Station, which is also the station closest to the Statue Square is about 51 metres away that is about 1 minute of walking distance.
  • The Queen Square MTR Station which is the second closest station is around 104 metres from the destination that is about 2 minutes of walking distance.
  • The Central City Hall MTR Station  is around 311 metres from the Statue Square which is about 5 minutes walking distance. 

Bus: One can also opt to take a transit bus to reach the destination. It is another economic yet comfortable means to travel. The Bus line numbers 115 P, 629 P, 948 P and 980 X have buses departing to the Statue Square at frequent intervals.

Subway: Hong Kong also has a well connected Subway route which has a few stations around the Statue Square. The Tung Chung Line, the Hong Kong Island Line and the Tsunn Wan Line have subway stations located at walking distance from the attraction location making it a time effective as well as economic means to get there.

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