Lamma Island

Lamma Island, Hong Kong Overview

Tucked 9.2 kilometres away from Central Hong Kong, Lamma Island is the third largest island in Hong Kong. Also known as the 'Y Island' or 'Pok Liu Chau', it highlights the laid-back and rural side of Hong Kong with its coastal scenery, quaint beaches, and walking trails amidst the tropical rain forest slopes with curvy hilly paths.

The island is primarily divided into three areas - Yung She Wan, Sok Kwu Wan and Sham Wan. The Yung She Wan is the most populated area and is host to several restaurants, bars, and many local shops. At Sok Kwu Wan, one can catch fish and then have a barbecue meal at the Lo Shing Beach. At the Sham Wan beaches, one will find many green sea turtles laying eggs, and the area of the island is also where some of the most important archaeological finds have been made dating back to the Neolithic periods.

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Things to Do on Lamma Island

Hiking: There are multiple hikes on Lamma Island, depending on the lengths and the difficulty level for visitors to choose from. The most popular amongst them is the well-marked Ling Kok Shan Hiking Trail that lets one discover the rustic old villages and exuberant coastal views on a 2.5-hour hiking journey. Other Hiking Trails include - The Wilson Trail and the Dragon’s Back Trail

Family Walk: The Lamma Island Family Trail is an easy hiking trail that connects the two largest villages of Lamma Island – the Yung Shue Wan and the Sok Kwu Wan over a 5-kilometre concrete path stretch. Its termed as the Family Walk for its relatively easy trail with minimal climbing that is suitable for all ages to traverse through Lamma’s pleasantest beaches like Hung Shing Yeh and Lo So Shing, major attractions like Kamikaze Caves, Lamma Winds, bars, and restaurants.

Kayaking: Paddle along the coastlines of the extravagant Lamma Island’s white-sand beaches. Tourists can easily circumnavigate around and choose to make stops to explore various villages tucked along the coastline, quench their thirst with a cold pint of beer or satiate their taste bud amidst the multi-cuisines restaurants found along the beaches.

Sunbathe and Swim: Lamma Island decorates its coastline with two beautiful beaches - Hung Shing Yeh and Lo So Shing Beach which sparkles through its golden white sand shores and crystal clear waters ideal for sunbathing and swimming.

Fishing: Travelers can engage themselves in fishing over Lamma Island’s Fishing Village of Sok Kwu Wan and enjoy barbeque along the coastline that offers multiple seafood restaurants.

Lamma Island Beach
Lamma Island Beach

Places to Visit

Yung Shue Wan 
The most popular and populated side of Lamma Island is Yung Shue Wan located on the north front of the Island. Yung Shue Wan offers one small boulevard community stuffed with boutique restaurants, bars and craft shops conserved in a laid back atmosphere. One can grab some delicious seafood, as well as, Asian and European cuisines from the list of menus offered by the restaurants found in the vicinity of Yung Shue Wan. Browse around, shop, eat, hike the slopes near the seafront or head to the Hung Shing Ye Beach which is surrounded by hills. The culturally diverse, slow-paced life setting with a Mediterranean ambience marks the Yung Shue Wan as a narrow yet dynamic street of Lamma Island.

Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island
Yung Shue Wan Village

Sok Kwu Wan 
Located on the eastern end, Sok Kwu Wan is the quieter end of the Lamma Island that was once well celebrated for its largest fish farming centre in Hong Kong. Known as the Fishing Village of the Lamma Island, one can find themed folklore booths, dragon-shaped boats, fishing rafts, an exhibition hall and various tiny fisherman’s houses plated around along with a few seafood restaurants.
Sok Kwu Wan is infamous for its traditional fishing village and the freshwater seafood cuisines served at the various restaurant across the multicultural territory. Tourist can choose to visit these dotted seafood restaurants built atop wooden stalk, that provide an open-air top view of the lively harbours of the fishing village. One can also cherry-pick to fish and barbeque at the delightful and pristine beach located in Sok Kwu Wan, popularly known as Lo So Shing Beach.

Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island
Sok Kwu Wan

Sham Wan
Sham Wan is tucked at the southern end of the Lamma Island which is recognized amongst the top five archaeological sites in Hong Kong. During the excavations in the 1970s, Sham Wan emerged to mark the proof of Mid Neolithic phase of the existence of the human race (c. 3800 – 3000 BC). It is also renowned as the breeding, nesting, reproductive and development site of the endangered green sea turtles in Hong Kong, which comes to the beach’s shore during the period of June to October to lay eggs. Hence, the beach is closed and shut to the public during this period of time.

Sham Wan, lamma Island
Sham Wan


1. While embarking on the famous Family Walking Trail through Hung Shing Ye Beach, swing by towards a lusciously green oasis called Herbolanda – a tropical jungle within the tropical jungle that houses amiable tea shacks. Just order a herbal tea and scout through various organic bathroom essentials and rustic souvenirs to pick from.
2. Visit the Mo Tat Wan Beach to sightsee the picturesque spots that are popular for its junk boat parties and island paddlers.
3. Depending on the arrival time, like in the morning, have dim sum at the Sampan, or visit the Lancombe restaurant for freshwater seafood like the oyster, prawns, and lobsters, etc.
4. Few must-visit restaurants on Lamma Island are Rainbow Restaurant famous for serving Rainbowfish, lobsters and abalone; The Waterfront Bar and Restaurant that’s positioned along the harbour serves a wide menu for seafood, Indian and Italian dishes along with a cold pint of beer or a glass of wine. To hog some Spanish food, head to Candela Tapas that boasts its authentic tapas on an ever-changing menu of delicacies.
If you are into healthy food over seafood options, visit the Bookworm Café that is part Book-store and part restaurant that serves its customers with organic vegetable cuisines along with tasty salads, veggie burgers and shepherd’s pie.

How To Reach Lamma Island

The quaint Lamma Island is tucked southwest about 3-kilometer away from the Hong Kong Island. Easily accessible through ferries, the Island’s only way of commute is through the waterfront. One can board a ferry from the Aberdeen harbour on the south of Hong Kong, as well as Pier 4 from Central Hong Kong. The ferries operate every 20 to 30 minutes and are serviceable to the chief villages of the Lamma Island – Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan via a 30 to 40-minute ferry journey.

One way Ferry fare for Adults on weekdays is HKD 17.80 and HKD 23 on weekends. Ferry ride fares for children are comparatively low to that of adults to HKD 8.90.

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