Lo So Shing Beach, Hong Kong Overview

The Lo So Shing Beach on Lamma Island, Hong Kong is one of the finest beaches in the city. It lies on the west coast of the Island which requires a 15-minute walk west of Hilltop Pavilion. Featuring glistening crystal clear water and golden fine sand, Lo So Shing Beach has been classified as one of Hong Kong’s cleanest beaches. The beach is set off from the rest of the ocean via a shark net providing a fairly confined area for swimming.

Adding to the charm of the beach is the fact that is located in an isolated patch of the city which keeps the atmosphere peaceful and serene. Lo So Shing is located in a public-transport free zone and Lamma Island also happens to be a car-free island, therefore, the beach remains far away from civilization and remains peaceful, uncrowded and clean. Since Lo So Shing Beach is equipped with some low-intensity water sports and a few other gimmicks, it serves perfectly as a picnic spot or weekend getaway. 

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How To Reach Lo So Shing Beach

Since Lamma Island is a car-free locality along with the absence of public transportation, one has to make their journey to this beach on foot. To get here, walk South of Hung Shing Yeh beach and take a 15-minute detour from the Family Trail. There are signs along the path.

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