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Peng Chau Island , Hong Kong Overview

Situated on the Lantau Island’s north-eastern coast, the small island of Peng Chau is a hidden jewel away from the tourist circuit. This tranquil spot is enriched with ancient temples, relics and a whole lot of positive vibes. It was a major industrial centre between the 70s and 80s, but now you can surrender yourself to the laid back way of life. Peng Chau Island is the perfect destination for a relaxing trip away from the monotony of the daily hustle.

Peng Chau Island is known for its stark beauty and irresistible charm. This region is inhabited by 6000 people who thrive around the port. This unusual island flaunts abandoned workshops and an ancient theatre that adds to its striking aura. The rest of the region is wrapped in an unspoiled wilderness and looks like dreamy stuff. If you have ever fantasized about living on a remote island away from the crowded cities, this is the ultimate place to start a sojourn.

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Places to Visit at Peng Chau Island

Seven Sisters Temple: This is the most popular temple on the island of Peng Chau. It is often called the Chek Tset Temple. Locals believe that the deities in the inner sanctum aids in fertility and help married couples start a family.

Lung Mo Temple: Popularly known as the Dragon Mother Temple, this is the biggest temple on the island. The sacred landmark houses a dragon bed and locals believe that a person touching the bed will be showered with fortune and good luck.

Golden Flower Shrine: This charming temple is dedicated to Lady Golden Flower who can grant devotees with many generations of relatives. Besides celebrating the main festival of the goddess, Bodhisattva Festival is also celebrated with zeal and fervour.

Tin Hau Temple: This temple honours the goddess of the ocean, popularly known as Tin Hau. Sailors and local fishermen pray to the goddess before embarking on their journey. The auspicious Tin Hau Festival is celebrated here and it is indeed a visual delight.

Abandoned Lime Kiln and Match Factory: In ancient times, Peng Chau was a major industrial hub. However, today only the remnants of this lime kiln and match factory can be found. These abandoned buildings often intrigue the heritage buffs and take visitors back in time.

Abandoned Theatre: On one end of the Wai Tsai Street, you will come across an old building that is closed to the general public. This is the former Peng Chau Theatre where the workers used to find a relaxing escape after their hard work. The only thing that you can do here is to gaze at the faded blue building that silently tells the story of the bygone era.

Tung Wan Beach: At the northeast of Peng Chau, you will find the remote Tung Wan Beach. It is a stunning spot to absorb the tropical vibe while looking at the fishing boats fading away at a distance. This beach is not recommended for a swim because it is not really clean when compared to the other beaches on Hong Kong Island.

Hiking Trails

Hike to Finger Hill: If you want to soak up the absolutely mesmerizing vistas of Peng Chau Island, getting to the top of the Finger Hill is a must. It is an enjoyable 45 minutes hike and offers the best vantage point to relish the majestic sight of the setting sun.

Peng Yu Path: This is the newest addition to the hiking trail on the island. This well-marked scenic pathway gives visitors a glimpse of the turquoise oceans against the jagged windswept beach. The trail starts at the Tai Lei Bridge and is known for its calmness and serenity.

Finger Hill, Peng Chau Island
Finger Hill

Food at Peng Chau

A trip to Peng Chau Island is often incomplete without sampling the local seafood. You can grab the fresh catch at a lower price when compared to other commercialised islands in Hong Kong. The region is brimming with inexpensive cafes where sipping a hot cup of tea is a must. Some of the local favourites are shrimp toast completed with red bean rice, greasy omelette, milk tea and more. 

How To Reach Peng Chau Island

The only way to reach Peng Chau Island is by ferry. It takes around 30 minutes to reach this island from Hong Kong. You can board a ferry from Pier 6 which is available at frequent intervals.

Ferry Timings
Monday to Saturday: From Central Pier 6, the ferries start operating from 3:00 AM and the last ferry is at 12:30 AM. From Peng Chau Island the ferries start operating at 3:40 AM and the last ferry is at 11:30 PM.
Sunday and Public Holidays: From Central Pier 6, the ferries start operating from 3:00 AM and the last ferry is at 12:30 AM. From Peng Chau Island the ferries start operating at 3:40 AM and the last ferry is at 11:35 PM.

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