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Tung Choi Street, Hong Kong Overview

Located amidst the most vibrant streets of Mong Kok, Tung Choi Street serves as a hub for shopping low priced products, general merchandise, pet supplies, affordable decorative plants and a wide variety water faunae’s especially the Goldfishes. The Tung Choi Street also famed as the “Gold Fish Market” among the locals, is tucked in between the Sai Yeung Choi Street and the Yuen Street in Mong Kok of Kowloon district in Hong Kong.

Trawling through a stretch of 1.26-kilometer long street market, Tung Choi Street is subdivided into two main zones – the southern section called the Ladies Street which trades in various affordable products of women and other general commodities, and the northern section known as Bute Street – famous for dealings in wholesale varieties of various plants, pet supplies, electronic gadgets and the special wide diversity of gold fishes. One can shop for trendy fashion clothing, books, home accessories, and furniture, etc. at the Tung Choi Street, which hails its survival on the bargaining and haggling skills of its visitors.

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Tung Choi Street

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Shopping at Tung Choi Street

Venture out on the streets of Tung Choi in Mong Kok, and you will find yourself standing amidst the busiest shopping street existing on the face of the earth. The street that tails through for about -1.26 kilometers, is well celebrated as the top bargaining sites. This affordable retail therapy at the ‘Ladies Market’, lets one scout through various options of latest accessories, men’s and women’s inexpensive fashion clothing, accessories like knock-off watches, wallets, belts, bags, electronic gadgets, home furnishings, artifacts, countless souvenirs, affordable plants and pet supplies – available at the market to take home with you.

The north end of the Tung Choi Street embraces the Gold Fish Market zone that deals in a plethora of seawater fishes, decorative plants like seaweeds, pets, pet supplies and accessories like tanks, filters, thermometers, and some sea water marine shops. This north end of the street is famous for selling the ubiquitous gold fishes which are considered the harbinger of good luck, wealth and fortune in China. One can spot various stores and stalls selling wide varieties of brightly colored fishes in endless rows of small plastic pouches hanging by the walls. Other pet stores selling cats, dogs and rabbits can also be seen amidst the various crowded fish stores of the market.

Food at Tung Choi Street

The smell of sesame oil cooking a countless variety of seafood and meats fills the aura of the Tung Choi Street. To moderate those hunger pangs and satiate the taste buds – one must try the quick snacks options available in the lieu of small cafes around the street. Tung Choi Street is renowned for the Chinese style stretch of pubs and café hangouts found scattered between the main markets. Just head in for grabbing a chilled bottle of beer served with some mouthwatering seafood snacks to be lured into.

Few of the most visited lounges like Piss Bar II, Future Lounge, Luxe, and Petite offer a wide selection of local Chinese dishes along with some international cuisines to choose from the menu. One can even find KFC, tucked in a corner of the Tung Choi Street. If you are valiant enough to try some local cuisines cooked in traditional home-style ritual, do try the curry fish balls and curry squids from the café/stalls lurking around the corners.

Best Time to Visit

Though the Tung Choi Street opens as early as 10:00 AM in the morning, the best time to visit this bustling market is post noon around 2:30 PM to 3:00 PM. The best advisable time to visit this busy street is during the evening when it is fully packed and the haggling–bargaining sessions between the store owners and their customers are on their peaks. It gets rather easy to bargain among the crowd and settle for the best-suited budget. The streets become lively with thousands of glittering lights during the evening, which is a vision to watch.

How To Reach Tung Choi Street

Located on the Kowloon district of Hong Kong, Tung Choi Street is best accessible through the public transport system of the city. One can directly hire a taxi from the city center, or board the underground railways called MTR to reach Mong Kok Road.

Alternatively, one can also take a pick from the various minibuses or city buses that run through the routes towards the Tung Choi Street.
One Way Subway MTR Fare to Mong Kok MTR: HKD 2.5 to HKD 4
Bus Fare to Mong Kok Road: HKD 1 to HKD 4
Taxi Fare to Mong Kok Road: HKD 45 to HKD 55

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