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Quan Su Pagoda, Hanoi Overview

Built in 15th century during the reign of Le Dynasty, the Ambassador's Pagoda is popularly known as the Quan Su Temple. Built to recieve Buddhist ambassadors, the temple is lesser known to tourists yet. The pagoda serves as the headquaters for Vietnam Buddhist Association. The temple also houses wax figures of Buddhist monks of the past.

Chua Quan Su, as they call the Pagoda in Vietnamese, is a heritage site that was built during the Le Dynasty. A place with immense historical and religious importance, this temple dates back to the 17th century when it was built in reverence for Buddha, from the leftovers of a 15th-century Ambassador's guest house. It is said to be the lone survivor of two massive fires and the chaotic destructions that took place during the end of the Le Dynasty. Located in Hanoi in North Vietnam, it is a must visit for all Buddhists and people who are interested in Buddhism, as it is one of the temples where all their official ceremonies are held. This serenely beautiful structure is now home to nearly a dozen monks and nuns who are engaged in their peaceful prayers and meditation.

Quan Su Pagoda Architecture

Quan Su Pagoda Hanoi Vietnam

The Quan Su Pagoda's beauty lies in its rich architectural work. Be it the elaborate woodwork, the wonderfully gilded main hall, imposing altars, the aesthetic wax sculptures of former monks or the various images of Buddha from the past, present and future within the main tower of the temple itself or the well-maintained grounds and the beautifully built shrines around it, they all add up to the magnificence of the place.

How to Reach Quan Su Pagoda

Quan Su Pagoda Hanoi Vietnam
Quan Su Pagoda is Located on Quan Su Street in the Hoan Kiem District
in Hanoi, Vietnam (Source)

The Quan Su Pagoda is located on the 73rd Quan Su Street in the Hoan Kiem District, a 15-minute walk from the Old Quarter. The closest bus stops are the Ly Thuong Kiet and the Chua Quan Su, both a two-minute walking distance from the temple. These bus stops can be reached by bus lines 01, 32, 40, 49, 86, 86CT. To reach the Pagoda from anywhere in Hanoi, it is recommended to take a taxi. If one wants to visit the place as a local, one should go for a motorbike tour which also couples other tourist attractions like the Hanoi Police Museum and Hoa Lo Prison.

Dress Code for Quan Su Pagoda

Devotees Praying at Quan Su Pagoda Hanoi Vietnam
The Quan Su Pagoda is a Place of Worship, so be Respectful of the Religious Sentiments (Source)

Since the Quan Su Pagoda is a place of worship, tourists are expected to be respectful towards the proceedings at the temple. Also, one must cover their shoulders and knees to be allowed to enter.

Best Time to Visit Quan Su Pagoda

The best time to visit Quan Su Pagoda is during any Buddhist holidays or during the Vietnamese New Year, Tet! The festivities are at its peak at such times and the whole place is decorated for the celebrations.

Quan Su Pagoda Hanoi Vietnam
Quan Su Pagoda in Hanoi, Vietnam (Source)

The beauty of the place coupled with its historical importance makes it a complete wonder. Its scenic beauty provides with a feeling of solace and one finds peace with oneself. The rituals and prayers which take place in the temple are of much importance to people as they too pray for their well-being here. Together, it is a good way to connect with nature, find one's own peace and admire a product of great architectural value at the same time.

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