Dolphin Bay, Dubai

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Timings : 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Time Required : 3-4 hours

Entry Fee : Starting at AED 350 (Observer Pass)

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Dolphin Bay, Dubai Overview

Located in Atlantis, the Palm, a trip to Dolphin Bay allows visitors to interact with beautiful dolphins in their habitat. Dolphin Bay is one of the finest and sophisticated human-made dolphin locales in the world. At Dolphin Bay, you learn everything there is to know about swimming with dolphins, feeding them, a more in-depth perspective about the marine mammals and this is a fun activity for adults and children!

Apart from interacting with the dolphins, visitors can also dive. The activity is suitable for people of all ages though trainers and instructors to assist everyone. It presents an array of options from swimming to playing to enhance your experience at the dolphin bay and make it unique, special and memorable. The duration of one session is 1.5 hours. Going on a dolphin adventure and encounter gives you free access to the Aquaventure water park at the Atlantis which would otherwise cost you AED 275.

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Tips For Visiting Dolphin Bay

1. Mobile phones, food or jewellery is prohibited when in the pools. The vests and swimming gear are provided by the instructors and locker facilities are available too. Water and soft drinks are given to the participants and a wristband is provided on entering which is mandatory to wear until they get out of the water park.

2. 1 dolphin is made available to 10 persons during the encounter, however, there are options for private experiences too.

3. The fifteen-minute long induction is compulsory to attend, and Dolphin Bay is safe for all, swimmers as well as the non-swimmers and people of all ages too.

Ticket Prices & Package Information

Observer Pass:
Adult: AED 350
Child: AED 295

Dolphin Bay Snorkel:
Regular Visitors: AED 675
Atlantis Guests: AED 565

Dolphin Trek:
Regular Visitors: AED 910 - AED 1075
Atlantis Guests: AED 750 - AED 895

Dolphin Encounter: 

Regular Ticket: AED 795 - AED 950
Emiratis: AED 599

Dolphin Adventure:
Regular Ticket: AED 925 - AED 1130
Emiratis: AED 799

Royal Swim:
Regular Ticket: AED 1075 - AED 1195

Dolphin Scuba Dibe:
Regular Ticket: AED 1450

Sea Lion Photo Fun:
Regular Ticket: AED 425 - AED 580

Sea Lion Discovery:
Regular Ticket: AED 635 - AED 760
Emiratis: AED 395

Dolphin Photo Fun:
Regular Ticket: AED 410 - AED 545

Where to book: Visit the official website to book or buy your tickets directly from Dolphin Bay at Atlantis.

Activities and Things To Do

1. Dolphin Encounter is the perfect activity for all the kids and those who can't swim or are afraid of the otherwise-harmless dolphins. You get to interact with the dolphins in shallow waters, and you get to see and watch them play and enjoy by sitting on the waterside. It is an impersonal contact with the dolphin wherein you can get clicked with them and click their photos but not play or hug!

2. Dolphin Adventure, as the name suggests, is full of adventure. You can touch the dolphins, dance around with them, shake hands and even get a ride on them! You can have a short session of 'belly riding' with the dolphins and be in a 'nose-to-nose' contact with them.

3. The Royal Swim is ideal for all the daredevils and thrill-seekers. You can go on a scuba dive with the dolphins! You can also engage in watersports like boogie boarding with the dolphins and let them push you in the water while you enjoy!

4. Photography and being photographed is one of the essential parts of any trip. Since you can not use your gadgets while with the dolphins, you can get clicked by the professional photographers and pay an extra amount to attain the pictures. Every visitor is given additional time with the dolphins while you are completely dry, so grab the chance and get as many photos as you want!  

5. Observer Pass is given to those who want to sit back and relax and not go into the waters. Persons with the observer pass can comfortably sit in an exclusive lounge or under the shed and see their loved ones and dolphins enjoy and click their pictures without getting into the water. The observers are given access to the fifteen minutes orientation with the dolphin specialist and are offered free entry to the Aquaventure waterpark. 

6. Aquaventure Water Park is accessible and only a couple of minutes away from the dolphin house. Visit the park for a fantastic time with a lot of water rides, slides and marine safaris (and because you are eligible for a free entry!)'

How To Reach Dolphin Bay, Dubai

Since it is located at the Atlantis, one can drive directly to the hotel.

By Ferry:
One will have to board a ferry at the Dubai Marina Mall marine Transport Station and take a 20-minute ferry ride to the Dolphin Bay.
Price: AED 7.5 per person

By Metro (13 kms):
'Nakheel' is the closest metro station. One can either walk (20 minutes) or they can take a cab which is just 5-10 minutes from the station.

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