The Green Planet Dubai

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Timings : Sunday to Wednesday: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM Thursday to Saturday: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Time Required : 2-3 hours

Entry Fee : Adults - AED 99 Children (above 3) - AED 74 Children above the age of 12 will require an adult ticket. Children below the age of 3 do not require a ticket.

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The Green Planet Dubai , Dubai Overview

Green Planet is an indoor tropical rainforest located at City Walk in Dubai. It is an enclosed ecosystem that gives guests a chance to immerse in the fascinating world of thousands of different species of plants and animals. Here you get to learn about the living ecosystem and experience the ultimate rainforest adventure. The Green Planet also features the world’s largest man-made tree and has numerous expert biologists onsite to help curious visitors understand the way of life of different living organisms.

Discover the beauty of this rainforest and get a glimpse into the enchanting world of some of the most amazing creatures like toucans, macaws, sloths, pythons, piranhas, bats and many more. The establishment maintains a temperature that is essential for the sustainability of the rainforest and ensures the animals and plants are taken care of. Along with their interactive programs, the Green Planet in Dubai is also famous for hosting displays and exhibitions that offer a slice of nature to the guests. Visit this one-of-a-kind recreational and educational establishment for the most amazing experience of your life.

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The Green Planet Packages

Day Ticket
Unlimited access to The Green Planet Dubai including the Forest Floor, the Canopy, the Mid-Story and the Flooded Rainforest for AED 99. 

Sloth Encounter Package  
Unlimited access to The Green Planet Dubai including the Forest Floor, the Canopy, the Mid-Story, and Flooded Rain-forest, 20-30 minute sloth interaction, private session with in-house biologists for AED 249. 

Sugar Glider Encounter Package  
Unlimited access to The Green Planet Dubai including the Forest Floor, the Canopy, the Mid-Story and Flooded Rain-forest, private session with an in-house biologist, and 20-30 minute sugar glider interaction for AED 249.

Attractions at The Green Planet Dubai

Explore the Rainforest 
Exploring the fascinating world of the Green Planet is hands down the best way to spend time in this enclosed ecosystem. Divided into 4 different levels, the Green Planet is a haven for thousands of living organisms from exotic flowers, South American plants, toucans, parrots, to piranhas, sloths, Burmese python, crocodile lizards, tree boas, and numerous other species. Walkthrough the jungle within the dome and get close with nature. It can be an adventurous and educational experience. 

The Green Planet Dubai
The Indoor Tropical Rainforest (Source)

The Piranha Experience
At the Green Planet, enjoy a unique piranha experience that lets one witness over thousands of piranha use their razor-sharp teeth to eat up their prey. One can even communicate with the experts present to learn more about these fascinating creatures. 

Sloth Encounter
The sloth encounter lets one get up-close with the creatures that spend more than 15 hours sleeping. These gentle creatures move slowly and often hang upside-down from trees. At the Green Planet, interact with these slow-moving mammals and click their pictures. 

The Bat Cave
Bats are noted for their amazing flying skills and at the Bat Cave in the Green Planet, one can experience the exhilaration of being around these incredible mammals. In the bat cave, witness how Seba fruit bats live in their natural habitat. 

Sugar Glider Encounter 
Sugar glider encounter lets one interact with the palm-size possums that are nocturnal by nature. This 20-30 minute activity takes place every day at 3:30 PM. Get a glimpse into their fascinating world and even clicks pictures with them. 

Australian Walkabout 
The Australian Walkabout is all about interacting with a vast array of reptiles that are native to Australia. Enjoy the thrill of being around Australian carpet python, snake-neck turtles and kangaroos. One also get to feed the Kookaburra, the wonderful kingfisher.

The Green Planet Dubai
Artificial Waterfall at The Green Planet (Source)


The rich biodiversity of the Green Planet Dubai makes it one of its kind. This tropical ecosystem provides habitat to more than 3000 species of plants and animals. Within the glass dome, there are free-flying birds and butterflies that occupy the treetop area - the Canopy. One can find toucans, macaws, Cuban Amazon parrots and various other exotic birds at the top level of the Green Planet. The standalone biodome is home to exotic flora and fauna like orchid and epiphytes and thousands of other tropical plants.


  • The humidity inside the glass dome is quite high and it is highly recommended to dress light.
  • There is a cafe on site that serves light snacks, however, for a proper meal, visit the restaurants at the City Walk.

How To Reach The Green Planet Dubai

The Green Planet is located in central Dubai. It is situated at City Walk and has free parking available for its guests. One can either take a private taxi, metro or bus to the Green Planet. The closest metro station is Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall Metro (red line) located a kilometer away from the Green Planet and takes approximately 10 minutes to reach by taxi. Alternatively, take bus line no. 28 and get down near the City Walk.

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