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"Coal Capital of India"

Dhanbad Tourism

Established in the year 1956, Dhanbad is the second most populated city in Jharkhand. Situated northwest of the state, Dhanbad is surrounded by the Bokaro and Giridh district in the west, Dhumka district in the north, Purulia district in the eastern and southern part with Damodar river flowing through the district.

Dhanbad is best known for being a commercial mega-producer and owner of the most significant number of coal mines, factories and industry bases. Surrounded by 112 coal mines, the city produces 27.5 billion tonnes every year. It is home to many other institutions which make Dhanbad frequently referred to as the Coal Capital of India.

Apart from the mining industries, Dhanbad is also home to various religious sites. One such iconic temple that stands out when talking about Dhanbad is the Shakti Mandir due to its unique possessions. Dams like the Maithon Dam or the Panchet Dam are often considered the centre of tourist activity and are surrounded by hills, dense forests and lakes.

Dhanbad Rail Division is also the second-largest when compared to the Mumbai Rail Division. The city has a humid subtropical climate with substantial rainfall; hence, the best time to visit Dhanbad is during winters. As of now, Dhanbad airport is only used for private small aircraft and helicopters. The nearest airport to Dhanbad is 85 kilometres away in Asansol.

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While in Dhanbad, individuals are expected to speak a fair amount of the national language, Hindi. This is because aside from the local languages, Hindi is the easiest way of communicating with locals and villagers while staying at Dhanbad. English is spoken only for business and tourist purposes. Other local languages include Bengali, Khorta, Maithili, Bhojpuri and Magahi. Some outskirt villages also speak the language of Kurukh and Ho. Other languages that are not spoken by the mass but are still known are Punjabi, Tamil, Gujarati, and Telugu.


As Dhanbad was a tribal area in the past, a lot of the wares sold in the streets or the malls are heavily influenced by tribal culture. This gives the wares a certain uniqueness and sense of culture that can make shopping in Dhanbad a delightful yet learning experience. However, due to urbanisation many malls and stores hold famous brands and items that are preferred by the visitors. The most famous place to shop for tourists, as well as locals, is the Bank More area which hosts several shopping centres and stores. Other outlets include Ozone Galleria Mall, Ozone Plaza, City Centre Bartand, Sriram Plaza, City Style- Dutta Tower New Market and Purana Bazaar. Individuals are sure to find what they are looking for and any souvenirs if they wish as well when visiting Dhanbad and its shopping alleys.

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Dhanbad can be accessed through almost all means of transport and is well connected to all Indian metropolitan cities, hence making it a popular tourist spot.

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