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"The Steel Capital of West Bengal"

Durgapur Tourism

Often touted as the Steel Capital of East India, Durgapur is the embodiment of the quintessential Bengali town. With a total population of less than half a million, Durgapur is in the Burdwan District of West Bengal, on the bank of the Damodar River. It is about 170 kms from the city of Kolkata.

Durgapur is the perfect amalgamation of a metro's energy and a small town's charm. The place is brimming with temples, old-world markets, parks and even a barrage. Located in the heart of West Bengal, this industrial town has more to offer than just authentic food and a few tourist spots. If you are looking for an authentic Indian getaway, Durgapur is the place to be

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Bengal's Steel City

A major commercial hub, and also India's second planned and industrialised city after Chandigarh, Durgapur is situated in the Bardhaman district of West Bengal. The third largest city of West Bengal in terms of area, this city is situated on the banks of Damodar river, just before it enters the alluvial plains of the state of Bengal. Durgapur is one of the rare cities in India that happens to have an Asian Highway passing just through its jurisdiction area. Not only this, Durgapur is also famous for its British collaborated Durgapur Steel Plant, opened in 1957.

Natural Habitat

Durgapur is situated in the northern extremes of coastal regions down south, nestled between the deltas and plateaus making it a marshy grassland with springs and wetlands. Due to heavy rainfall during autumn, the clay and in soil form layers with enriched fertility and humus suitable for the popular paddy production during the Kharif season. The central location of the place is parallel to colonies of dunes and marshy areas surrounded by forests of Teak and Eucalyptus. It is also a home for various indigenous species that thrive in the humid habitation including red panda, serow, and pangolin. The outskirts of Durgapur is dominated by the subtropical flora of conifers and pines that indicates the increased altitude.

Restaurants and Local Food in Durgapur

If you plan to spend a weekend in West Bengal, then you may get to experience some diverse food options. For the unexperimental kinds, the place has numerous Indian, Chinese and Continental places. But if you want to have the complete Bengali experience then you must try dishes like an eggroll, Fish curry, Chicken Kasha, Mutton Kasha, Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Biryani, Bengali Fish Fry, Puri Chole and Chum Chum. The best part of being in a place like Durgapur is that you get to relish on a diverse range of flavours from spicy eastern chillies to the sweet forever 'roshogulla'. The best place to try authentic Bengali street food is Bidhannagar where several vendors are serving Kathi rolls, homemade sweet delicacies and 'phuchkas' also called gol-gappas. If you’re looking for a delectable brunch or dinner, restaurants such as Pritika and Kohinoor are among the top choices. Some moderately priced restaurants for traditional cuisines are Evelyn and Zaykaa located near the central area. If you’re up for some Chinese, visit Hong Kong and Beijing in the city centre for a spicy meal box. Shiraz restaurant is another best pick for Mughlai serving crispy hot kebabs and rolls. 
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One Day Itinerary

Once you step into Durgapur, the first thing you do is sort your accommodations. The city centre area is full of hotels. Next, you could probably grab a quick lunch from one of the local restaurants. Then you head for the Durgapur Barrage. The beautiful place will take at least a few hours to explore and take in. A local fisherman can be hired, who'll take you into the waters. After that, proceed to the next unique place Durgapur has to offer- The Steel Plant. The plant offers a variety of breathtaking views. Visitor area is restricted in the fully operational plant but it is worth your time. If you get free really early, then head towards Bhabani Pathak's Tilla, but only if you get free by 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM as the Tilla closes at night. The maze of tunnels has its own unique charm. Else, close the day with a relaxing stroll in Kumarmangalam Park

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Holidify's Opinion

What's Great?

A major commercial hub of Bengal. Well planned and efficient.

What's Not So Great?

Politically volatile.

For Whom?

Ideal for those with an air of sophistication. Suitable for backpackers from nearby sites like Kolkata, Kharagpur etc.

How To Reach Durgapur

Durgapur, being a well planned industrialised city, is well connected by rail and road. Regular rail and bus services connect the city of Durgapur to the rest of India. Although Durgapur has its own airport, Kazi Nazrul Islam International Airport, it is yet to resume international operations. The nearest commercial airport is in Kolkata, which is 172.2 km away from NH 19.

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Shreyas Kapoor 1 year ago
- The place is not very crowded, but like any small town, the transportation is still being developed.
- The place experiences extreme weathers. So if you plan to go in winters, keep plenty of warm clothes
Soumita Ghosh 1 year ago
Durgapur Durgapur is a town that is developing every single day. It may be small, but since it is divided into several colonies, the path may seem confusing. Make sure to carry a map with you, digital or on paper. There is no dearth of places of stay as hotels, lodges, motels, guest houses, and inns are widely available. However, Durgapur is not necessarily a place for vacation. It may be considered as a place to rest for a day or two before you reach your destination. Totos and taxis are the primary modes of transportation here. If you are planning to go during the summer, be prepared to experience dry heat. Make sure to carry enough water with you.
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