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Purulia Tourism

The western most district in the state of West Bengal, Purulia is a beautiful destination blessed with mesmerizing natural beauty.

Purulia is slowly becoming a popular tourist spot amongst national tourists, the township is well connected with the rest of the country and gifts a breakaway from the monotonous routines of the day to day city lives. The serenity in the air gets onto you and in a mere moment, you are relieved from your stress. Its not the air which is magical, it is the majestic landscape which does it for you. Hills, lush greenery, clear water, fresh air, warm hospitality. You will like it.

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Plateaus, Mountains and a bit of Water

This place is unique as it offers such varied landscapes and diversity. Ranging from the adventures to experience at Ajodhya Pahar, the serene sunset at Baronti lake or Doldanga sanctuaries to Surulia or Rakab forest, this place is a gem which is not much explored. It is an ideal vacation spot for offbeat honeymooners who relate themselves to nature or for people looking out for some adventure with no compromise on the natural beauty and variety of landscapes. Purulia is a place where you can explore authentic Bengali cuisine in its natural and organic form, with no twists whatsoever.

Restaurants and Local Food in Purulia

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One Day Itinerary

Day 1- Reach Purulia in the morning and unwind for a while. Then set out to enjoy the beauty of Doldanga. This place is slowly catching up as a picnic spot with a deer park, boat rides and a mesmerising water body around. After spending a few hours, you can head to Baranti Reservoir to catch a glimpse of the magnificent sunset.
Day 2- Begin the day with an early morning trek to Ajodhya Pahar to enjoy the splendid and magical view from the top. Along the trek, you can come across many small streams which makes the experience even more adventurous. While on the way back, visit Surulia Forest.
Day 3- Save the last day for Rakab Forest. It is in Keshargarh which is approximately 38-40 km away from Purulia and is known for 16 Cross and hunting place. You can find a dilapidated fort of Raja Keshargarh here.

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Holidify's Opinion

What's Great?

Purulia is known for its natural and breathtaking view. It’s a small town, therefore, commuting within the city is fast and convenient.

What's Not So Great?

It is a place which cannot be visited throughout the year due to extreme weather conditions, especially during summers.

For Whom?

The place is a must visit for people who are looking for forests, mountains and a lake in one destination. Ideal for those who want to indulge in a weekend amidst greenery, along with some Bengali cuisine.

How To Reach Purulia

Purulia is very well connected through Indian Railways. The main junction is connected with many long distance trains coming from major cities. The nearest airport is the Birsa Munda Airport which is approximately 100 km away from the city. Buses and taxis are also a convenient option.

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Q. Purulia tourist place?

Holidify 9 months ago
Click on the Places to Visit Tab on the page of Purulia to know about the tourist places in and around Purulia. You can use this direct link too - https://www.holidify.com/places/purulia/sightseeing-and-things-to-do.html

Purulia Reviews

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Dipankar Paul 10 months ago
Wonderful place. Many areas yet to discover.
Soumita Ghosh 1 year ago
Make sure to carry enough water with you since the water available in Purulia is not purified everywhere. There is a dearth of taxis. However, buses, totos and cycle-rickshaws are available. The places of stay at Purulia are not satisfactory. The guest house I was staying at had unclean washrooms and bedding. So, make sure to check-in at the right accommodation. Also, carry mosquito repellent with you if you do not want to be a victim of mosquito bites. Purulia is a dusty place so if you are allergic to dust or have other breathing difficulties owing to it, then make sure to take preventive measures accordingly.
Devyani Chandra 1 year ago
- The connecting train from Howrah which runs to Purulia runs on all days except for Saturday.
- The reservation to the government rest houses open well in advance, find out all the necessary details online.
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