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Ideal duration: 1-2 days

Nearest Airport: Bodh Gaya Check Flights

"Buddhism, Jainism and serenity"

Rajgir Tourism

Rajgir is town where the air that surrounds its beautiful sceneries carries hints of spirituality and vibrant hues of history with links with both Buddhism and Jainism.

Set in a green valley and surrounded by rocky hills, Rajgir is a spiritual town with natural serenity amongst the dense forests, mysterious caves and springs. Rajgir houses many religious destinations which are majorly dedicated to either Buddhism or Jainism. Both lord Buddha and Lord Mahavir have said to spent time here giving it huge spiritual and religious importance. One can visit various ruins, temples and sites here and also spend some time indulging in its refreshing calmness.

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Religious Hub

Rajgir has been mentioned in ancient Buddhist and Jain scriptures and also in the travelogues of Buddhist travellers Huen Tsang and Fa Hian who visited India during the Mauryan and Gupta times. Rajgir has been closely related to Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism and has played host to Lord Buddha and Mahavira, thus, has many archaeological sites related to Buddhism and Jainism.

Restaurants and Local Food in Rajgir

Rajgir's cuisine is pretty similar to typical North Indian cuisine, however there are a few places here which serve Japanese, Thai, Korean and Chinese cuisines. Bihari cuisine is also equally popular and easily available in the area. You might not find sparkling fine dining restaurants here but small eating joints near the tourist attractions and the railway station serve delicious food and susutain a modest variety.
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Suggested Itinerary

Day 1- Arrive at Rajgir, check-in and rest. Then visit Huen Tsang Memorial Hall, Nalanda Archaeological Museum and ruins.
Day 2- Visit Venu Vana Kalandakanivapa, Rajgir Hot Springs, Griddhakuta Peak and Sariputra Stupa.
Day 3- Visit the Bimbisar Jail, Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Jivaka's Mango Garden, Ghora Katora Lake and Ashok Stupa Peak.

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Holidify's Opinion

What's Great?

Famous for historic sites and monuments of religious importance.

What's Not So Great?

Difficult to reach as the nearest airport is around 100 km away.

For Whom?

Rajgir is a great place fro Buddhist, Jain and Hindu pilgrims.

How To Reach Rajgir

Patna (100 km) is the closest airport to Rajgir with connecting flights to other cities. The nearest railway station is in Rajgir which is well connected to Patna, Kolkata and New Delhi. Rajgir is well connected by road as well with frequent buses plying to and from Patna, Bodh Gaya and other nearby towns.

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Q. please guide me for Rajgir and nalanda tour for 2 1/2 days (reach rajgir at 3.00 pm and dep. on 8:45pm from Bhagtiyapur)

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Rajgir Reviews

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Asif Uzzaman 1 year ago
Apart from the famous Brahm kund and Makdum Kund, Rajgir holds one of the many Shanti Stupas of the Buddhist faith spread across India. Located at the top the mountain, it can be climbed either on foot through the stairways cut into the stone all the way up or through ropeway. I personally suggest you do it on foot. It's more exciting this way.
Devyani Chandra 1 year ago
- Rajgir is a small place, so just 2 days are enough to cover this destination.
- Nalanda is just 15 km from Rajgir, so a trip to Nalanda for a day is also recommended.
- Winters might be a bit chilly here, so carry appropriate clothing.
- Carry mosquito repellants and use bottled water.
Asif Uzzaman 1 year ago
How many languages can you read? If you can read the particular hymn written in an so-far-undeciphered script above gate of Swarn Bhandar, all its treasure is yours! so is the belief. Not a very picturesque place, but you can have your share of fun seeing people trying to pull out coins from the cracks in the wall, inserted by others previously.
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