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Maithon Dam, Dhanbad Overview

The Maithon Dam on the banks of River Borakar is a beautiful and resourceful place located 48 kilometres away from the Coal City. The dam is built by the Damodar Valley Corporation upon a river that expands to 65 square kilometres and is itself at least 15,712 feet long and 165 feet high. The reason Maithon Dam is a famous spot is due to its unique nature of being a one of a kind underground power station in the whole of Southeast Asia. This powerhouse also requires permission to get into and provides guides for all its visitors.

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Maithon Dam

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Activities/ Things to Do in Maithon Dam

  • Boating: At Maithon Dam, boating can be enjoyed during any part of the year. You have the option to choose among paddle boat and hi-speed boat. Explore the complete stretch of the dam, offering mesmerising views!
  • Jog and Perform Yoga: What is better than doing yoga and jogging at a serene place, like Maithon Dam? Take out some alone time and cherish the place exactly how it should be cherished!
  • Witness Sunset: The complete view of Maithon Dam leaves one awe-struck. What’s even more beautiful is the scenic beauty of the place while the sun is settling. Don’t miss the sunset if you visit the dam.

Attractions near Maithon Dam

  • Deer Park: Surrounded by the dam and its streams, Deer Park is one of the most sought out places near Maithon Dam. Tourists can witness 50, if not more, Deers in the area from the top of the Dam. Do note that photography is prohibited here.
  • Maithon Hydel Power Plant: This engineering marvel is something worth having an eye on. It is also Asia’s first underground hydel power plant, located below the two hills seen after Maithon Dam. Although this plant is not allowed to be visited by the general public, you can try making a useful contact and get permission to explore the plant.
  • Chammach Pahad: Accessible by boats, this is a beautiful island with a shape of a giant inverted spoon, thus called “Chammach Pahad”. Going deep into the jungle isn’t advisable as it is home to plenty of wild animals.
  • Kalyaneshwari Temple: Dedicated to Goddess Kalyaneshwari, multitudes of women come here, praying to have a child. The temple is hundreds of years old and is surrounded by fascinating natural beauty.
Aforementioned are a few of the most appreciated attractions near Maithon Dam. Besides these, Kaali Pahadi, Phoolbagan & Millennium Park, and Pahari Baba Mandir are the places which can be explored during your trip to Maithon Dam.

Flora and Fauna Nearby

  • Deer Park: For witnessing deer, one can visit Deer Park located in the vicinity of Maithon Dam. Photography is prohibited here, and there exists up to 50 deer waiting for you to adore them!
  • Phoolbagan & Millennium Park: Christmas and New Year are the best time to visit this place, located below Maithon Dam, as flower shows are organised during this time. Besides, on Sundays of December and January, too, the shows are arranged; all though, the place can be visited on other days of other months as well.

Best Time to Visit Maithon Dam

October to March are the best months to visit Maithon Dam as the weather during these months is pleasant. The temperature averages at 20 degrees, making it feasible to explore the place.
The ones who like to explore places while they are less crowded can visit during monsoon, although the temperature during the season crosses 40 degree Celsius, making it quite uncomfortable.

History and Structure of Maithon Dam

It is believed that this place is where Maa Kalyaneshwari resided, hence the name “Maithon”, meaning “Mai Ka Sthan”. Located at a distance of 48 kms from Dhanbad, Maithon Dam is based on the banks of Barakar River, that spreads over 65 square kilometres. The dam was built in 1948 by Damodar Valley Corporation and opened in 1957. It is 15712 ft. Long and 165 ft. High, and generates 60,000 kW of electric power.

How to Reach Maithon Dam

By Road: If you are driving yourself, it would take approximately 1 hour (48 km) to reach Maithon Dam. Alternatively, you can reach Asansol by bus, and further take a shared cab/bus to reach Maithon Dam. The place is well-connected with major cities, and the roads here are nicely maintained.

By Train: Nearest railway station to Maithon Dam is Kumardubi Railway Station. From here, take a cab/bus and travel 48kms to reach Maithon Dam.

By Air: Dhanbad does not have an airport of its own. The nearest airport to Maithon Dam is Ranchi airport. From here, take a cab to reach Maithon Dam.

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