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How to Reach Dallas from India

Most of the metropolitian cities have flight from India to Dallas. No airlines fly directly from India to Dallas. Major airlines on this route are Qatar airways, Etihad airways and Jet airways. There are more than 20 cities in India from where flight to Dallas can be taken, some of which are New Delhi, Amritsar, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

How to reach Dallas by flight

The Dallas/Fort Worth area is served by two major airports,¾Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport¾(DFW), and¾Love Field(DAL). Love Field is home to Southwest Airlines, and is much closer to downtown, but if you are flying from far away it will probably require a connection to get there.

How to reach Dallas by road

The simplest and most reliable way to get around Dallas is by car. Gas stations are plentiful and most sell both regular unleaded and diesel fuel. Accidents are common and tend to cause traffic jams on the major highways at random intervals.

How to reach Dallas by train

There are two major Amtrak routes which go to Dallas-Fort worth, the Texas Eagle between San Antonio and Chicago, and the Heartland Flyer between Fort Worth and Oklahoma City.

How to reach Dallas by bus

There are many bus services ranging from ordinary bus to first class. Volane runs first class buses from Dallas to both Houston and Austin equipped with various amenities such as leather seats, electircal outlets, ample leg room, and free Wi-Fi. Megabus provides service from Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Memphis, and Little Rock. There is also a shuttle bus service called Shuttle wizard, a cheap and safe private shuttle service, especially for those that don't know how to move around Dallas.

Local transport in Dallas

There are two main public transportation options in the city, DART and Super Shuttle service. The local light rail system is known as DART, and it provides 45 miles of service. An all-day pass is only USD 5. In addition to light rail, there is a Monday-Saturday commuter train called Trinity Rail Express that operates between Dallas and Fort Worth. Choosing either train to either city center costs USD 2.50/passenger. Taxi rides into either downtown can cost USD 40 USD or more. Consider using the Super Shuttle service, which is usually less expensive than a cab.

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