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Timings : Tuesday - Sunday: 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM,
Thursday: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Entry Fee : Special exhibition - USD 16,
Seniors (65+) - USD 14,
Military with Military ID - USD 14,
Students with school ID - USD 12,
DMA Members - Free,
Children 11 and under - Free

Address : 1717 N. Harwood Street, Dallas

Established : 1903

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Dallas Museum of art, Dallas Overview

The Dallas Museum of Art (DMA) is a major art museum located in the Arts District of downtown Dallas, Texas. Highlights are its collection of ancient Mediterranean art from Egyptian, Greek, and Roman times; European art from the 16th to 19th centuries, including pieces by Claude Monet; contemporary artists including Jackson Pollock; and a collection of more than 50,000 art-related volumes in its library. The museum has a collection of more than 24,000 works from America and around the globe, including everything from ancient artefacts to contemporary art.

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Wide Collection of Art at the Museum

The royal Dallas Museum of Art has over 24,000 pieces of artwork for its visitors to explore and learn from. To make the visit friendly and easy, the museum has divided its work into different departments and sections. Here is a list of the different departments in the gallery:
  1. The Keir Collection of Islamic Art: This department in the Dallas Museum of Art has a wide range of royally painted objects. These objects include bowls, jars, and plated. They also have paintings from the Mughal era showing the empire. 
  2. Arts of the Americas: This includes painting, sculptures, and paperwork from the US during the colonial period and WW2. The collection of Texas art is also an important part of this section. 
  3. Contemporary Art: Contemporary art is one of the most attractive departments in the Museum of Art. The section holds paintings related to minimalism, conceptualism, and installation. The section holds artworks of Jackson Pollock, Jasper Johns, Mark Rothko, and several other great artists. 
  4. Arts of Africa: Works here were created by the Africans back in the 16th century where they created art to show leadership and security. 
  5. Arts of Asia: The arts of Asia include art from the Buddhist as well as the Mughal era. The artworks also include a 12th-century bronze Shiva Nataraja and a 10th-century sandstone representation of the god Vishnu as the boar-headed Varah. 
  6. Decorative Art and Design: This section shows different types of decorative and innovative pieces of artwork. 
  7. Classical Art: Classical art department also shows more sculptures and jewellery created by the artists. 
  8. Latin Art: Latin art has more of a painting and ribbon art that is seen by the visitors. 
  9. Arts of the Pacific Island: The department has more sculptures and 3D art. This is more related to the lifestyle of the people back in the days.
  10. European Art: Like the name suggests the department has mostly European art which dates back to the 16th century. They have the artworks of renowned artists like  Pietro Paolini, Nicolas Mignard, and Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre. 

Artworks the Dallas Museum of Art

The museum of art at Dallas is home to more than 24,000 pieces of art. The following are a few pieces visitors must see when they visit the museum:
  • Genesis, The Gift of Life - Miguel Covarrubias 
  • Skyway- Robert Rauschenburg 
  • Portrait and Dream- Jackson Pollock 
  • Rise 2- Bridget Riley 
  • Dancing Duck- John Chamberlin
  • To Corfu- Brice Marden 
  • Untitled- Ellsworth Kelly 
  • Wittgenstein Vitrine - Wittgenstein Vitrine 
  • Huntingdon Wine Cistern- Abraham Portal 
  • Eros Earing- Greek 
  • Watch- Gerald Murphy 
  • The Icebergs- Frederic Edwin 
  • Shiva Nataraja- India 
  • Front doors from the Robert Blacker House 
  • Sheaves of Wheat- Vincent Van Gogh 

Dining Facilities at the Museum

To ensure a comfortable visit the DMA has dining facilities for the visitors. They have two places for visitors for them to eat and relax after or before they visit the museum. 
  1. The Socca Mediterranian Cafe: The Mediterranian cafe has tantalizing dishes to offer to the visitors. They also have the best pizzas to offer to the visitors. 
  2. The DMA cafe: The DMA cafe has a vast range of foods that are organically grown and local. 

Community Events

The DMA also has several community events that locals and visitors can take part in. These events take place throughout the year but on different occasions. 

Late Nights: the Museum offers a day in the month where they open the museum till midnight and have live performances, readings, and concerts. 
Arts and letters live A series of live events showcasing authors, actors, and illustrators. 
Thursday night lives: Every Thursday night there are live jazz concerts, drinks, and dinner in the DMA Cafe.

Programs Offered

The museum also offers programs for adults, children, and teenagers. 

1. Adult Programs
  • Virtual date Night 
  • Make and Break 
  • Break for Art 
  • Virtual Tours 
  • Flims 
2. Family Programs
  • Classes and workshops 
  • Online studio 
  • Free Family Fun 
  • First Tuesday 
  • Summer art camps 
  • Kids clubs 
3.Teenage Programs
  • Teen Podcast Program 
  • Virtual studio 
4. School Groups
  • Virtual School programs 
  • Guided School visits 
  • Self-guided visits 
  • Go, Van Gogh,
  • Higher education program 

History of the Dallas Museum of Art

The Dallas museum was originally referred to as the Dallas art association. The paintings were kept in the Dallas Public Library Until a local artist in Texas, Frank Reaugh saw the need to exhibit these collections in a bigger place dedicated to supporting just the work of the local artists. The movement, later on, started to grow more because of May Dickson who pushed the artworks of these local artists more. 

They later decided to establish an art gallery near Fair Park. A group of architects was hired to structure this building. It is yet possible for visitors to visit the building and take a look at the initial home of the masterpieces of the Dallas Museum of Art. 

In 1943 Jerry Bywaters became the director of the museum for a span of 21 years. During his tenure he introduced the marvellous concepts of impressionism, abstract pieces, and contemporary art, these things gave the museum more of an impactful identity. 

In 1963 the museum was renamed the Dallas Museum of Art. The art gallery houses pieces of artists like  Paul Gauguin, Odilon Redon, Henri Matisse, Piet Mondrian, Gerald Murphy, and Francis Bacon. These artists have had several exhibitions in the Museum itself creating a local impact on the younger generation in the field of art. 

In late 1970, the museum is currently located to where it is currently and has a wide range of permanent artworks. The museum now works on a high scale showcasing masterpieces of renowned artists with the aim of inspiring the youth.

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