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Dallas has few of Texas’ most renowned and picturesque lakes. The Lakes in Dallas are known for its majestic beauty and panoramic views. Home to not only a range of fish but also smaller animals and (Read More)reptiles, the lakes have an ever-growing flora and fauna collection. In and around the lakes are several recreational activities for visitors keeping them engaged in the midst of beauty.

Here is the list of 12 Best Lakes in Dallas

1. Lewisville Lake, Dallas

Lewisville Lake, Dallas

The largest lake in North Texas, the Lewisville lake spans over 46 acres of land and 233 miles of the shoreline. The Lewisville lake provides water to the Dallas suburbs and with the amount of natural vegetation around the lake is home to several birds, animals and insects. The lake also has much fish that are constantly moving around in the cool waters of Lewisville.

Address : Denton County, Texas.
Area : 46 Miles
Maximum depth : 67 feet
Fish : Blue catfish, white bass, largemouth bass
Activities : Fishing, paddle board surfing, camping

2. Grapevine Lake, Dallas

Grapevine Lake, Dallas

Home to the most exciting outdoor activities the Grapevine lake is located in the North of Texas with green parks and extensive walking trails that surround the park. The lake primarily works as a reservoir and a flood control measure in the area. Home to a wide variety of fish, insects and vegetation the Grapevine attracts a large audience with its mesmerizing beauty and exhilarating activities.

Address : Dentan/ Tarrant County, Texas.
Area : 29.4 Kilometer square
Maximum depth : 65 feet
Activities : fishing, hunting, camping, water surfing

3. Bachman Lake Park, Dallas

Bachman Lake Park, Dallas

Located north of the Love Field Airport in northwest Dallas, Bachman Lake Park is a 205.5-acre metropolitan park. It is a large green space and a treat for those who love nature and adventure sports. The park is the place to be when it comes to hiking or biking since it has a trail, getting a great view of the lake, or going boating; there is a boat ramp as well as a boathouse on the land.

Opened : 1909
Address : 3500 W Northwest Hwy, Dallas, TX 75220, United States
Location : Near Love Field Airport
Timings : 5:00 am to 11:00 pm
Area : 205 acres
Attractions : Hike trail, bike trail, Bachman Recreation Center, indoor aquatic centre, boating, picnic areas, view of airplanes, volleyball court

4. Mountain Creek Lake, Dallas

Mountain Creek Lake, Dallas

Located in the midst of greenery and 8 miles south of Dallas is the 11 kilometer square Mountain Creek lake which is also considered to be a natural reservoir in the city of Dallas. The lake is not only home to a species of the water plants but also a wide range of fish which are majorly concentrated in near the northeast where there is an abundance of lotus' planted.

Address : Dallas
Area : 11 Kilometers square
Maximum Depth : 26 feet
Activities : Fishing, Swimming and boating
Vegetation : Lotus
Fish : Largemouth bash, catfish, crappie, White bass
Primary Inflow : Mountain creek

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5. Cedar Creek Reservoir, Dallas

Cedar Creek Reservoir, Dallas

Located in Henderson the Cedar Creek reservoir is mainly known for its aquatic vegetation and predominant fish. The reservoir also has a drainage system of around 1000 square kilometers and is currently managed by the Texas parks and wildlife department. In Addition to this there are also several aquatic birds that reside in and around the park.

Address : henderson and Kaufman counties
Area : 132 kilometer square
Elevation : 322 feet
Fauna : Largemouth bass, Crappie, white and hybrid striped fish.
Maximum Depth : 62 feet

6. Lake Tawakoni, Dallas

Lake Tawakoni, Dallas

Lake Tawakoni is a 37,879-acre reservoir located approximately 48 miles east of Texas. The lake is a popular destination known not just for recreation but also its extensive flora and fauna. The lake area is also very popular for hikers with different trails each stretching 5 miles or more.

Address : East Dallas
Area : 37,879-acres
Pool elevation : 437.5ft
Timing : 7am-10pm
Activities : Fishing, recreation, hiking
Fauna : Catfish, White Bass, Striped Bass, Crappie

7. Lake Cliff, Dallas

Lake Cliff, Dallas

Lake Cliff is a freshwater lake located in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas. The lake was built at the beginning of the 20th century and was primarily called Lake Llewellyn. The lake helped the area become very prosperous and popular during its early years. Lake Cliff and the park alongside were also dubbed at the greeted amusement park of the South West in its early years.

Address : Oak Cliff Area, Dallas
Formed in : 1906
Elevation : 153m
Activities : Fishing, amusement park

8. Fishtrap Lake, Dallas

Fishtrap Lake, Dallas

The fishtrap lake park is a county in the town of Kentucky. The lake park is home to a wide range of fish and has several facilities that are around the park that help the visitors have a comfortable and friendly stay. The camping and lodging facilities are known to be extremely comfortable and homely for its visitors.

Address : Texas
Area : 1131 Acres
Fauna : largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, bluegill, black and white crappie
Activities : Lodgin, Camping, fishing
Elevation : 778 feet

9. Lake Ray Hubbard, Dallas

Lake Ray Hubbard, Dallas

Lake Ray Hubbard is a 22,000 acre lake known for fishing, skiing, relaxing and boating. The lake was formed in 1968. Due to its location, the lake is an important point filled with numerous causeways and bridges. Originally called Forney Lake, the lake was renamed after Ray Hubbard, the president of Dallas parks and recreation system board.

Address : Collin, Dallas
Maximum Depth : 40 feet
Area : 21671 acres
Aquatic vegetation : Hydrilla
Activities : Fishing, Relaxing, Skiing
Most Popular Attraction : Rockwall harbor

10. Joe Pool Lake, Dallas

Joe Pool Lake, Dallas

The Joe Pool lakes are one of the major lakes in Texas that was built after intense years of major research and construction. The lake has several parks around it like Cedar Hill State Park and Loyd Park. The lake park is a man-made lake park in Dallas Metroplex. The lake is 7750 acres in area and is known for its rich history and recreational activities.

Address : Ellis County, Southern Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas
Maximum Depth : 45 feet
Activities : Fishing, camping, jet skiing.
Amenities : Camping, swimming bird watching
Activities : Grills, campsites, boats
Entry fee : USD 5 for a vehicle

11. Phelps Lake, Dallas

Phelps Lake, Dallas

Phelps Lake is arguably the most popular lake for finishing among others in Dallas. Its abundance in Largemouth Bass, Catfish and Crappie make fishing the most popular activity in the lake. Not to mention, all the types of sunfish available in the lake. Other than fishing, Kayaking is another activity for which Phelps Lake is famous. It has its own Kayak lounge as well.

Address : Rockwall
Area : 14 acres
Fish : Largemouth Bass, catfish, Sunfish
Common Activities : Kayak, Fishing

12. Lemmon Lake, Dallas

Lemmon Lake, Dallas

One of the shallow lakes of Dallas, Lemmon lake has its own significance. Located at South Dallas, the lake was earlier called Miller lake, named after the Miller family which owned the lake and much of South Dallas. Only a few hundred acres in size, Lemmon Lake is quite a seasonal lake going dry many times in the summers. The lake receives much of its water from the 5 mile creek that in the late 1980s and has since helped serve water to various households in South Dallas.

Address : Stuart Road , Dallas
Founded : 1986
Class : resevoir
Wildlife : Otters, coyotes, ducks
Type : Seasonal

Here is our collection of the lakes in Dallas we spoke you like it, do let us know what you think in the comments below.

This post was published by Priyal Jhaveri

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FAQs on Best Lakes in Dallas

What Lakes are around Dallas?

  • Cedar Creek Lake
  • Canyon lake
  • Cypress Spring Lake
  • Caddo lake
  • Balmorhea Lake
  • Eagle Mountain lake

How many lakes are in Dallas?

Four lakes

Can you swim in lake Dallas?

Yes you can swim in Lake Lewisville which is one of the largest lakes in Dallas

Which is the cleanest lakes in Texas?

Lake Amistad

Are the lakes in Dallas manmade?

While lakes in Dallas look natural most of them are actually Man-made.

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