Reunion Tower

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Tags : Monument

Built : 1978

Architect : Welton Becket & Associates

Address : 300 Reunion Blvd E, Dallas, TX 75207, United States

Height : 171m/ 561 ft

Other Name : The Ball

Timings : 5:00 to 8:30 pm (Monday- Thursday), 2:00 pm to 9:30 pm (Friday- Saturday), 1:00 pm to 8: 30 pm (Sunday)

Admission Fee : USD 18 (adults), USD 14 (ages 65 and above), USD 9 (ages 4 to 12), Free (ages 3 and under)

Ticket Validity : 1 use only, valid for 30 days after purchase

Observation Deck : GeO-Deck

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The reunion tower, Dallas Overview

Reunion Tower is an observation tower situated within the Hyatt Regency Hotel complex in downtown Dallas, Texas. Often referred to as “The Ball,” the tower is a prominent city landmark and is not only an observation deck but also houses cafes and organises a number of activities for people of all ages, with some of them being Painting With a View, Sunset Yoga and Paint Your Pet.

The 15th tallest building in the city of Dallas, Texas, Reunion Tower stands tall at 561 feet and is located in the city’s downtown Reunion district. The structure was constructed in 1978 by Welton Becket & Associates, an architectural firm, and has served as a major landmark. It is quite close to Dealey Plaza which happens to be where former US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, and the Observation deck, also known as GeO-Deck, features an interactive digital experience which includes providing information on the city, its landmarks as well as the events of 1963.

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About the Establishment of Reunion Tower

It was in 1976 that the building’s construction was started, with Welton Becket & Associates serving as the key designers and architects, and it was finally finished two years later, in 1978, alongside the Hyatt Regency Dallas. These structures were built alongside the renovation of the Union Station as well as the Trinity Railway Express, all part of an urban redevelopment initiative.

Reunion Tower initially housed KOAX-FM, a radio station, now known as KRLD-FM 105.3 FM. The radio station was owned by Westinghouse Broadcasting and given that the tower isn’t used as a broadcasting one, it didn’t make it to the FCC Database.

Not only does the tower serve as an observation deck (it was reopened in 2013 around its 35th anniversary), it has always had cafes and restaurants. The restaurant level was reopened in February 2009 after having been closed for renovations in 2007. Five Sixty, a revolving restaurant was opened in 2009 by Wolfgang Puck and was a major attraction, but it shut down in 2020.

A Brief Description of Reunion Tower' Architecture

Built in 1978, the 561 feet tall Reunion Tower has circular floor plans, with 3 floors set atop 4 poured-in-place concrete shafts, with stairs and mechanical equipment being within the central cylindrical shaft. There are 3 rectangular shafts, the outfacing walls of which are made of glass panels so as to provide a view of the city outside, which contain elevators. There is an open-air sphere, a geodesic dome, around the top three floors. Prior to the renovations of 2008, the first level was for the observation deck, a revolving restaurant and a club.

During nighttime, the globe at the top lights ups owing to the 259 custom LED fixtures, each with red, blue and green lights behind an opaque glass cover and functioning like a pixel on a cellular phone screen. The 3 different colours further enable the creation of more colours. Also, the globe lights up in different colours and patterns on special occasions such as during Christmas, making the tower stand out more as a landmark.

What are the Different Activities that People can Partake in at Reunion Tower?

Reunion Tower is open to the public all seven days of the week; the timings differ during the week and there are three ways to gain access (the Dallas CityPASS, General admission and group tickets). Visitors can engage in different activities while at the tower, and some of them are:
  • Visit the Observation Deck: Also known as Geo-Deck, it is an excellent place to get a beautiful view of the city, since it is 470 feet up. It also provides an interactive digital experience to visitors along with in-depth information on the city, different landmarks and the 1963 assassination of John F. Kennedy that occurred about 1,000 feet away.
  • Spend some Quality Time with Someone Special: People can choose the Love is in the Air package and can go up to the deck with their partners and can soak in the gorgeous view while drinking wine while the Vows package is perfect for those who wish to propose to their significant others or have a small ceremony.
  • Have Fun Painting: The tower organizes events such as Inks & Succulents, Painting With a View, Paint Your Pet and Acrylic Pouring wherein people can enjoy painting things like succulent planters with alcohol inks, the Dallas skyline, their pets and can also learn the art of acrylic paint dustpan pouring, all the while taking in the beautiful view.
  • Engage in some Yoga: For all those who love fitness and yoga specifically, City Yoga Dallas organizes Sunset Yoga at Reunion Tower; participants can exercise with a view of the Dallas skyline. Afterwards, they can go out onto the Observation deck for a walk.
  • Go on a Field Trip: The tower allows schools to bring their kids here for a field trip where they can not only enjoy the breathtaking view but can also learn about the various city landmarks and museums, and the city’s history. Moreover, it is a perfect location for birthday parties, anniversaries, graduation celebrations and also for Scout ceremonies.
  • Shop Souvenirs: The Kaleidoscope Gift Shop is the perfect place to buy a variety of souvenirs related to the tower itself, the city of Dallas, Texas, apparel for children and adults alike and home décor items.

How to Get to Reach Reunion Tower

When it comes to getting to Reunion Tower in downtown Texas, there are several transportation options; a car, the train, the Light Rail and the bus. While there is self-parking available just a short distance away from the tower, those staying at the Hyatt Residency have the option of valley parking. In terms of public transportation, buses 110, 161, 19, 21, 283, 29 and 36, the Red line of the Light Rail and train TRE are some of the most convenient options.

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