A Complete Guide on Car Rentals in Dallas

While the public transit network in Dallas is very extensive, it restricts you to travel within the city. If you want to lose the tourist label and blend in with the locals, you should consider renting a car in Dallas and driving around. It allows you the freedom to experience the suburbs, drive through the countryside and explore off the beat locations not included in a regular travel itinerary. 

Here is a helpful guide covering all you need to know about Renting Cars in Dallas: 

Requirements and Restrictions on Renting a Car in Dallas:

Make sure you keep these documents in order before walking into a car rental location to ensure that your transaction experience runs smoothly. These requirements are uniformly applicable all over Texas regardless of the rental company you go to. 
A valid driver’s license held for two or more years: You must present a hard copy of your driver’s license. There is an additional fee if your license is out of state.  
Proof of identity: If you are a  foreign national you will be required to produce your passport for ID proof and an International Driver's Permit to rent a car. 
A credit card for the security deposit: Car rentals will ask you to pay a security deposit which will be fully refunded if you return the car in the same condition. Credit cards and Debit cards are generally accepted for payments. Cash deposits are usually not accepted.  
Proof of Insurance: You are required to have minimum liability insurance as required by the state laws. Some rentals allow you to purchase insurance for the given period.
Age Restrictions: Rental companies require you to be at least 18 years old to rent a car. Some companies charge an extra Under Age fee for drivers under the age of 21. 

How much does it cost to Rent a Car in Dallas?

The cost of renting a car depends on the model and how long you plan to rent. It also depends on how old the car is and where you rent it. Prices don’t vary too much across rental companies for the same model. A standard sedan and a minivan are the most popular cars among road trippers. Here are the average prices for a car rental in Dallas: 
  • Standard: From 20 USD/ day
  • Economy: From 31 USD/ day
  • Compact: From 31 USD/ day
  • Minivan: From 29 USD/day
  • Convertible: From 47 USD/ day
  • SUV: From 36 USD/ day
  • Pickup truck: From 62 USD/day 
  • Luxury: From 80 USD/day

Top 4 Car Rentals in Dallas

1. Enterprise Rent-A-Car 

Enterprise Car rental

Enterprise is the biggest car rental company in the US. It has services in multiple locations across Dallas. It also offers a wide selection of cars to choose from, including Sedans, SUVs, minivans, and has some of the best prices. You can register and pre-book online or rent directly at a service center or the Dallas Fort Worth airport. 
Vehicles available: Sedans, SUVs, luxury cars, minivans, trucks 
Locations: Downtown Dallas, Dallas inwood road, Dallas Collision center,Oak cliff, Service King, Irving convention center and many more

2. Thrifty

Thrifty car rental

Thrifty has economy, luxury, and convertible cars for very affordable prices. There are many discounts and vouchers you can avail making it a very popular option. Whether you want to drive around downtown Dallas or explore areas in and around the city, Thrifty comes in handy. 
Vehicles available: Economy cars, Vans, SUVs, Pickup trucks
Locations: Dallas Fort Worth Airport, Dallas Love Field Airport

3. Alamo

Alamo car rental

Alamo is a popular car rental in the US and South America. If you're looking for vast green spaces or stunning culture and family outings, renting a car through Alamo is the best way to experience it. With good deals, seasonal discounts, and online bookings, Alamo offers you a fleet of cars to choose from. 
Vehicles available: economy, full size, hybrid and luxury cars, SUVs and minivans.
Locations: Dallas Fort Worth Airport, Dallas Love Field Airport

4. Hertz 

Hertz car rental
Hertz car rental

Hertz is another company which provides a wide selection of cars to rent and travel in and around the city. From Chevrolet and Nissan to Teslas, Hertz provides comfortable cars for any budget and all locations. Their minivan and SUVs are spacious and perfect for long road trips. 
Vehicles available: Sedan, SUV, minivan.
Locations available: Dallas Fort Worth Airport, Dallas Love Field Airport, East Northwest Highway HLE, Forest Lane HLE, Ross Avenue HLE and numerous private flights airports. 

Some Other Car rental Companies:

  • Budget 
  • Dollar 
  • National 

Helpful Tips to Keep in Mind 

  • Car rental companies will not bear the cost for any highway tolls or traffic fines you incur. You will have to pay for those separately. 
  • Smoking is prohibited in all rental cars. The rental service can charge a cleaning fee for violating the rule. 
  • Try not to rent a car at the airport. If you want to save some money, rent at a nearby location. Airport car rentals come at a hiked price because of the airport fee the rental company has to pay. Take a cab or public transport to your hotel or the nearest DMV. 
  • Be sure to follow the traffic rules to avoid penalties. The speed limit is 70mph in most areas of Dallas and the legal blood alcohol limit is 0.08. 
  • The cost of gas is around 2 USD/gallon. 
  • Car rentals like Enterprise and Hertz are accounting for COVID-19 regulations and cleaning every car between rentals. To meet health authority requirements, they are taking steps to thoroughly wash and sanitize cars after every use. Additionally, delivery is available in select locations, and advance checks in’s and online booking features have been included to promote social distancing. 
Use this guide and discover places like the Dallas Museum of Art, Reunion Tower, and Six Flags over Texas in your own time and at your own pace. You can also drive around to the AT&T stadium and watch the Dallas cowboys or explore the Dallas countryside. Go ahead, start exploring!

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