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"Fastest-Growing Metropolitan in Texas"

Dallas Tourism

Thriving in the arts and culture department, Dallas is the new hipster hub with its many arts districts and museums. The city has a bitter brush-in with history by being the city where John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 and the site is memorialized at the Dealey Plaza with the exact spot marked with an 'X'. On an added note, it is also the largest city in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan (DFW).

The city's prominence arose from its historical significance as the center for the oil and cotton industry, and its position along numerous railroad lines. Currently, Dallas has museums aplenty with the cultural scene just growing endlessly; Visit Deep Ellum for its murals, art installations, and the blues and indie music pitstop one has to make when in Dallas. Make a weekend of it and explore the other popular creative hubs here by visiting the Dallas Arts District, the center of performing and visual arts and Bishop Arts District, the city's most independent neighborhood. 

The city may be big, but the food in Dallas comes in portions and sizes one can't even imagine. Explore the vibrant and bold food culture of the city for a culinary experience you'd not want to miss. To make things a bit exciting, try the many food challenges in Dallas like the monstrous 7-pound burger at Kenny's Burger Joint in Plano in an hour, or a giant 20-scoop mountain of ice cream, the Mount Hypnotic at Hypnotic Emporium on Garland Road. Challenge the beautiful city of Dallas to a great time!

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Currency in Dallas

Major credit and debit cards are accepted here. No other currency than US dollar is accepted here. One can carry almost any currency and it can be easily exchanged.

Shopping in Dallas

Dallas is a city with B5many shopping centres. You may find plenty of places to shop from, ranging from neighbourhood shops to great malls/centres. The city's Uptown's Downtown, the West Village, Northpark Centre, Highland Park Village, Galleria Dallas, Grapevine Mills+B34 are places that offer great surroundings to shop and dine.

Nightlife in Dallas

Bars, casinos, nightclubs/pubs are the famous night events to enjoy when in Dallas City. House of Blues, Trees, Candleroom, The Bombfactory are the top nightclubs of the city. Although there is only one casino in the city in Choctaw Casino Resort. There are few bars to mention, Masque, Topgolf Allien, Citizen, Dave & Buster's Dallas.

History of Dallas

The city was founded by John Neely Bryan, who settled on the east bank of the Trinity near a natural ford in November 1841. The city is on the Trinity River, in the center of Dallas County in North Central Texas. Dallas became a service center for the rural area surrounding it. By the 1850s, it had dry goods stores, groceries, a drugstore, an insurance agency, a boot and shoe shop, brickyards, and saddle shops, as well as a weekly newspaper. After the war, freed slaves flocked to Dallas in search of jobs and settled in freedmen's towns on the periphery of the city. The religious composition of the city has changed considerably over the years. Early Protestant settlers looked to traveling missionaries for religious services. Sporting events and teams in Dallas have their roots in the nineteenth century, when horse racing was popular enough to support a Dallas Jockey Club, founded in 1869.

Language of Dallas

English is the most common language in Dallas City. People speak and understand english in large number. However, there are many more languages that locals of the city speak like - Urdu, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean.

Dallas Customs

There are no such different etiquettes to be followed in Dallas, visitors can follow the common customs and etiquettes that are followed in the rest of America. Polite and friendly nature is accepted open-heartedly.

Religion of Dallas

Only 62% of people in Dallas are religious. Most of the people who are religious in Dallas are Catholic, whereas the second major religion is Christianity.

Daily Budget for Dallas

Daily budget can range from USD 20 to USD 100 depending upon your type of travel. Daily budget travel can be around USD 20-25 whereas luxury travel can be around USD 100.

Exchanging Money in Dallas

There are various currency exchange booths in the city whereas ATM's can also be used for exchange. Try to use true bank ATM's rather than the little ones at convenience stores.

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FAQs on Dallas

What is the local food in Dallas?

Chicken fried steak (Dredging in flour and pan-frying, then smothering it with cream gravy made from the drippings) is one of the dishes which is loved by Texans and do not get a Texan started on who makes the best Barbecue. Texans generally apply spice rubs and perhaps a last-minute mop, but purists donêt add sauce. Chili and Fried Okra are also in their favourite list.
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What are the places near Dallas?

The top places near to Dallas are New york city which is 2206 km from Dallas, Las vegas which is located 1720 km from Dallas, Los angeles which is located 1992 km from Dallas, San diego which is located 1902 km from Dallas, San francisco which is located 2383 km from Dallas

What are the things to do in Dallas?

The top things to do in Dallas are The sixth floor museum, The reunion tower, Dallas Museum of art, Dallas zoo, Fontiers of flight museum, The Nasher sculpture center. You can see all the places to visit in Dallas here

What are the top hotels in Dallas?

There are 348 in Dallas which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Dallas are The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas, POSH UPTOWN 2 BED RM CONDO, HOTELette Dallas, ★Posh Area High Rise Upper Floor 1Br Apartment, Heart of Uptown | Dining, entertainment, nightlife, Comfortable #Staycay Close to Everything In Dallas. You can see all the hotels in Dallas here

What is the best time to visit Dallas?

Dallas weather varies rather drastically. The best time to visit Dallas is during Spring (March-May) and the fall (September-November), when average highs are no more than 25 degrees Celcius and the lowest does not hit lower than 15 degrees Celcius. Summers (June-July-August) could be scorching with the warmest month being august, and the winters (December-January-February) can be harsh too with occasional showers.

The Spring months of March and May are less warmer than the summer months but there's a probability of rain. May is the wettest month in Dallas, with an average precipitation of about 125 mm. Dallas sees the most footfall, surprisingly, in June-August, owing to a number of events that take place during these months. If you want to avoid the crowd then the best time to travel is during the shoulder months of Spring and Autumn. Off-season or the time to avoid travelling to Dallas is during Winters with January-February being the least favourable time. 
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