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Sam Pundir 8 months ago
Amazing. This is a Very Amazing Place and I am very happy to go to Dalhousie. "Link Hidden"
Vinod Kumar 2 years ago
Dalhousie beat place for all seasons .khajjiar for adventure,panch pulls for peace, kalatop are green surrounding . high density of forest.tests for tibetian food but transportation is so poor
Punit Singh 2 years ago
Best movement paragliding . Just like bard
Vijay Dhingra 2 years ago
Is is safe to visit Dalhousie in first eek of July 2017 ?

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Q. How long a stay is adequate in Dalhousie? Is it a scenic place? Are there things to do?

Manish Bhatnagar 7 months ago
Dalhousie is the place for nature lover not for the people who love city life. Stay duration depends upon your itinerary like if you wanted to cover Dalhousie along with khajjiar and Chamba than 3 days is required and if you only wanted to visit Dalhousie than only one day is enough.

Q. Is it sufficient to visit Dalhousie, Chamba and Khajjiar in 2 days?

Holidify 1 year ago
Dalhousie and Khajjiar Can be visited in 2 days but Chamba would require another day. You can check out the Itineraries for these places on Holidify and plan accordingly.

Q. what is right time to go there

Holidify 1 year ago
Dalhousie is beautiful through out the year and you can visit the place anytime. There is no particular season to visit this place.

Q. How cold is it in Dalhousie in January and February? Planning a week long trip. Thanks.

Holidify 2 years ago
It rains and snows a lot in Dalhousie during the months of Jan-Feb so it is quite difficult to visit the place during that time.

Q. Package estimate

Holidify 2 years ago
You can check the details of the customised packages here-

Q. Is there any problem in trek due to snowfall in JANUARY FIRST WEEK???

Nachiket Moharir 2 years ago
You could encounter medium to heavy snowfall at that time. So the easy trek becomes a medium level one. Plus you have to carry additional clothing to deal with the chill. It sometimes snows for more than a foot which is not ideal for beginner level trek.

Q. can we get snow in first week of jan

Holidify 2 years ago
Yes. The first week of January will see snow in Dalhousie.

Q. How to Reach Dalhousie? I want all information about Dalhousie, please give me some details.

Sam Pundir 8 months ago
nearest railhead to reach Dalhousie is Pathankot. 80 km from the hill town the railway station is well-connected to various cities in India, like Delhi, Mumbai and Amritsar. Taxis can be found from outside the railway station to reach Dalhousie. "Link Hidden"

Q. Month of october visit in dalhousie good or not?

Nehad Zein 2 years ago
October is a good time to visit Dalhousie since it'll just be the beginning of winter and the climate will be excellent.

Q. Is there any bus service or any other public transport facility available for Dalhousie from PATHANKOT?

Nehad Zein 2 years ago
There is a regular bus plying between Dalhousie and Pathankot. It lasts around one and a half hour.

Q. I will be visiting from Amristar, should I stay in Dalhousie or Khajjiar? What are some good hotels?

Holidify 2 years ago
That depends on what you want to do. Dalhousie is more of a relaxing vacation while Khajjiar has a lot of activities in addition to the amazing natural beauty. Please check out the Hotels Tab above for hotels in Dalhousie. You can find the hotels in Khajjiar here:

Q. Are there any festivals in Dalhousie that are amazing for travellers?

Devyani Chandra 2 years ago
Christmas is celebrated in full swing in Dalhousie and so is the New Year. But for something new, you can try viting the Ice Skating Carnival in December. It has fancy dress competitions, dance shows, ice hockey etc.

Q. Can I plan a trip for Dalhousie & dharmshala in the month of July? How many days required for both places & what type of clothes we have to carry in July month...?

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Q. How to go from Pathancoat to dalhoise? What are convenient time & fare & travel distance?

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Q. I want a family stay in dalhousie. is it posible?

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Q. I want to visit himachal in 1st week of july so where we can find more snow?

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Q. We're planning to visit here around 12th of Jan, we have some 5 days here. What's the best way to get here from Delhi ? Also are 5 days enough ? And which other places can we visit and how many days should we stay at each of these places ?

Kumar Kislay 2 years ago
If you're in Dalhousie, you shouldn't miss Khajjiar. Its a meadow with gently undulating slopes, and is very beautiful. 5 days are good enough for Dalhousie and Khajjiar, allotting 1.5-2 days to Khajjiar.

Q. Please suggest best cab service provider.

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