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Sanjana Chawla

3 years ago
Situated in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh- Kasol is the go-to place for all the people who love carrying backpacks on their backs and trekking. Surrounded by the beautiful picturesque hills (Read More)and serene Parvati river, Kasol is a great weekend getaway. I visited this small town the previous year in October and got to experience the best of all. The place is just perfect to be visited by college students as it unfurls a lot for you. Almost everything is in close proximity and one can easily walk to Chalal Valley and enjoy the walks by the river and streams. Kasol, being on the greener side looks beautiful and fresh and is perfect for the stargazing! I loved watching the infinite stars with the bonfire on the riverside in the night when it was all dark and quiet. Tosh valley, situated close to Kasol is also a must visit as the trek up there is long and tiring but it?s worth the sweat! The view down from there is as good as a scene out of the Yash Raj movies! My group further trekked from tosh to a waterfall some several kilometres further and the cafe set up amidst the water was relaxing and perfect. Kasol has a trippy vibe and cafe culture all around. Famous for crepes, waffles and hot chocolates; you can find the best food, brownies and drinks at the Moon dance cafe, Evergreen cafe, Rainbow cafe in Kasol and Cafe Shiva in the Tosh valley. If you have a If you are somebody who loves coloured graphic tees or dainty jewelleries and dreamcatchers, you won't be disappointed as Kasol is full of such tiny gems and souvenirs. You can find everything from woollen scarves to trendy boots and relaxing ginger-honey tea to gulp down while having a peaceful time with your friends!

Joysurjya Hagjer

3 years ago
Kasol is probably the first place which comes to everyone's minds when they think about escaping their homes and the city life. Situated in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, it is a haven for t (Read More)rekkers and backpackers. Be ready to experience a nomadic lifestyle when you visit, as it is one of the most life changing experiences for any person. I personally found it challenging at times to lug around my rucksack, across unkept trails and long and winding paths, but at the end it was always worth it. I had gone with my friends and we chose to camp by the river. We had bonfires and jam sessions. The food served at the camp was rustic but was warm enough to fill both our stomach and souls. The main town of Kasol is filled with cafes. In these cafes you will find a lot of tourists as well who come to escape from their own hectic lives and share their stories and sorrows with each other and the locals. Be sure to also visit some of the local cafes. They make some of the best croissants I ever had!!

Aashimi Bhatia

3 years ago
- Kasol is quite famous for drugs and weeds like marijuana etc., so be careful.
- The road journey is quite dangerous with needle point turns and extremely narrow roads. Make sure you are travelli (Read More)ng on a strudy vehicle.

Sunil Sehrawat

3 years ago
One time visit .onlykheer ganga trekking n manikararn. Drink only mineral water.

Jaswant Singh

on Parvati River 3 years ago
The environment is little bit remote , shops close down at 11 of night but yes one can feel relax , crowd is less in comparison to manali, local dhabas are good and provide eatable quality of food. P (Read More)arvat river is simply awesome ine can do river rafting in it , camping can be done along with trekking of kheer ganga which is very famous there.

Rohit Shroff

3 years ago
Kasol is definitely one of the best places in India where mainstream travel has not entered yet. It used to be even better in the past when it was even quieter. It's a small town near Kullu and on th (Read More)e way to Manikaran. Kasol, famous for Parvati Valley, has good weather almost throughout the year. Though it can be a bit chilly during Jan-Feb.

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Q. Can we go to kasol in january first week??? Is there any problem in trek?

Gautam Phogat

3 years ago
No it is good in January. No such issues

Q. Is it a good idea to travel alone in Old Manali/Kasol?

Venkatram Reddy

3 years ago
Not really. Although the atmosphere around there is quite good, it might be a little unsafe in the night especially with drunk people from India roaming the streets. Also, everyone knows for a fact t (Read More)hat mafia runs around that area, so you never know!

Q. Is it safe for solo girl

Rohit Shroff

3 years ago
For women traveling solo, Kasol is a relatively safer place compared to most of other parts of India. However, taking basic precautions around safety is highly recommended.

Q. Price?


3 years ago
You can check the details here-

Q. Is it a good idea to travel alone in Old Manali/Kasol?

Kritika Sahu

3 years ago
yeah...i m also thinking of travelling alone to kasol.
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