Food of Chiang Rai

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Sub-Region: Chiang Rai Province


Chiang Rai has lesser options for food compared to Chiang Mai. The best and cheapest options are available at the Night Bazaar and the walking street. The street food at these two places is famous for its fried insects like ants, crickets, worms, etc. as snacks, and fresh fruit juices and smoothies. Every local restaurant here will serve sticky glutinous rice, which is the staple food for people of northern Thailand. Laab Sanam Keela, Lu Lam restaurant are a few restaurants that serve delicious local northern Thai food and should be a must-visit if you want to experience the Chiang Rai culture.

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Local dishes of Chiang Rai
Local dishes of Chiang Rai

Food and Restaurants for Indians in Chiang Rai

Being especially known for its meat and insects, Chiang Rai has lesser options for Indian food. A few good restaurants for Indians here are Accha Fusion India, Boonsita restaurant, Da Vinci which are vegetarian-friendly too. For people who are looking at strictly vegan food, a few good options are Mae Daeng Mangsawirat, Oasis Vegetaurant.

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