Local Food of Chamba

Chamba, being located in Himachal Pradesh has predominantly North Indian Cuisine. However, you can also find some local Himachal cuisine over here too. Madra, a native delicacy of Chamba is made of lentils like Rajma and Kidney Beans, cooked in a lot of spices and dry fruits. Yogurt is a key ingredient, and made nearly everywhere with alterations and tastes heavenly.

Local dishes of Chamba
Local dishes of Chamba

Restaurants in Chamba

Jagan Restaurant



INR 60-360

Madra is a locally loved cuisine and a specialty of Jagan Restaurant. The dishes are priced reasonably and the staff are courteous.

Museum Road, Chamba

Park View Restaurant


INR 100-300

Topping the charts is Park View restaurant which serves a huge variety of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. The food is delicious and fantastically satiating. Widely suggested is cumin rice with dal and curd.

Museum Road, Chamba

Cafe Ravi View



INR 150-200

Cafe Ravi View is an HPTDC run, small restaurant by the river Ravi, serving sumptuous food at a reasonable prices.

The Iravati, Chamba (H.P.) - 176310

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