"The Heritage Capital of West Bengal"

Haldia Tourism

Often considered as a mere river port assisting Kolkata, Haldia has more to offer to India than just foreign trade. With it's rich collection of heritage locations, temples and local markets, Haldia is geared upto be the next major tourist hub of West Bengal.

From marine drives to palaces, Haldia is one of those rare places that combine the beauty of monuments with the bounty of nature. Explore this pristine land of legends, yet to be touched by tourist rush and commercialization.

Top Things To Do In Haldia

Hotels in Haldia

Haldia has a number of accomodation options across different budget ranges. Most of these offer a number of services and activities and are known to serve some delicious food.

What's Great?

Simple lifestyle of people. Beautiful city with some unique places to explore like Haldia Port.

What's not so Great?

Scorching summers and harsh winters. No adventure sports.

For Whom

Haldia has many temples so, the place is great for religious people. Good for those who want to know Bengali culture.

One Day Itinerary

Day 1- Reach Haldia by morning and check into your hotel. After having breakfast, you can start your day by visiting Haldia Dock and Port. It is located near to the heart of the city so, it will take around two to three hours to go through the entire port. On your way to lunch, you can see the Matangini's Statue. After this, in the evening, to get a beautiful view of the sunset and to relax your mind, you can head out to Balughata Riverside Sunset Point.
Day 2- Start early morning to visit Gopaljew Temple. You can also go to Muktidham Temple as per your choice. Make sure to start early to avoid traffic and crowd. After this, have lunch and head out to Sataku, Japenese town in Haldia. Enjoy there till late evening. On your way back, you can relish the serene view from Marine Drive.
Day 3- Early morning, you can start your day by visiting Tamluk Rajbari. Since it is located far from the city, it will take around three to four hours to explore the place including the travel time. Then, have lunch and you can end your trip by visiting Ramjew Temple.

The Durga Festival

Since you are visiting West Bengal, make sure to witness the grand Durga Puja. It is one festival which is celebrated with vim and vigour, especially in Bengal. It is a festival of Hindus in which they remember and worship Durga Maa. In a ten day affair, various pandals are decorated throughout the city and people dress in traditional attire to pay respect to their deity. All areas are lightened up and fairs are also organised which are enjoyed by people of all age groups.
You can enjoy a variety of Bengali delicacies and shop for handicrafts in these fairs. People celebrate by visiting their relatives and shopping for the festival. On the last day, the effigies of the God, dressed in fine clothes, are immersed in water. The zeal and devotion of Bengalis during this time is something you should definitely witness.This festival takes place in the beginning of October.

The cuisine in Haldia is mainly traditional Bengali cuisine, dominated by preparations of Fish, Rice and Meat. Also one finds strong hints and flavors of spices, popular in the region, such as kalonji, fennel, cumin, black mustard seeds, fenugreek, in the food here.

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