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Siam Square, Bangkok Overview

Situated in the posh Siam Area of Bangkok, the Siam Square is the heart of entertainment and leisure for not only the locals but the tourists also. From local street side shops to bright, opulent shopping complexes and malls, you may find a wide range of products at different prices and quality at the Siam Square. The open–air market of Siam Square is an ideal place to visit along with your family members, especially during the late evening hours.

Lanes hoarded with street vendors beneath soothing lighting makes Siam Square both vibrant and jovial. At every nook and corner of the Square, you may clearly observe contrast in terms of shops, the goods sold by them, the prices and quality of goods. You can spend a good evening at Siam Square, shopping, eating and enjoying as much as you can, not to forget the clubs and bars open for the midnight disco.

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Shopping at Siam Square

Although you may find a lot of local shops selling products such as books, clothing, footwear, musical instruments, etc. while strolling through the Siam Square, you may also hit some of the following popular shopping malls present in the area:

Mahboonkrong (MBK) Mall: Popular among the locals as one of the biggest and cheapest shopping malls in all of Bangkok, the MBK Mall comprises of more than 2,500 stalls and shopping stores, which are spread across its seven floors. At the MBK Mall, you can find a wide range of products at very cheap and affordable prices.

MBK Mall at Siam Square
MBK Mall

Bonanza Mall: Yet another place where you can find a lot of daily use products at cheap prices. Situated right across the street from the MBK Mall, you can shop for items such as clothing items, fashion accessories, footwear, jewelry, leather products like purse, bags etc. and makeup products from the shops present here. You may even halt at one of the Tattoo artist shop and get yourself some unique tattoo design inked on your body at the Bonanza Mall.

Siam Center:  Being one of the oldest shopping malls of Bangkok, you should visit Siam Center Mall only if you wish to buy designer clothing items for yourselves. However, you must keep in mind that most of the stores present at the Siam Center Mall are owned by western fashion designers, so the prices of products sold by them are a bit expensive than you would find in other shops in the Siam square region.

Siam Discovery Mall and Siam Paragon Mall: These two shopping malls are considered to be the most expensive shopping malls in all of Bangkok, so you better carry your credit cards if you plan to hit any of the stores present at these two malls.

Siam Paragon
Siam Paragon

Apart from this, if local streetside shopping is what you prefer while travelling, you may pretty well hit the roadside local shops and stores to explore the wide range of Thai products and services, which will surely provoke you to shop to your hearts’ content!

Food & Restaurants

Siam Square is one of those places in Bangkok where you can enjoy a wide range of cuisines ranging from local Thai food to international dishes. To help you in finding the eateries across the Siam Square, you may consider the following eatery options to dine:

MBK Food Island: The MBK Food Island is the best place to visit for having food if you want to eat cheap yet delicious food. Be it the regional Thai food or international dishes, you can have a wide range of tasty dishes at this grand food court present in Siam Square.

Din Tai Fung: If Taiwanese food is what you love the most, the Din Tai Fung restaurant is your dining spot for the night! And yes, do try the famous xiao long bao (Broth filled soup dumplings) of this restaurant.

Nuer Koo: The Japanese restaurant of Nuer Koo is famous for its different types of noodle dishes, especially the Beef Noodle dish, which is served piping hot with beef slices sprinkled over the long noodle sticks, all for you to devour and enjoy.

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao: The Singaporean food served at this famous restaurant is as delicious as the long name of this famous restaurant chain. Some of the signature dishes of this restaurant include the la mian (Wheat noodles), xiao long bao and the Hand Pulled noodles.

Siam Square Nightlife

If you are under the impression that the Siam Square of Bangkok is one of the many decent places to visit, wait until you hear the beats of the DJ! Popular among the locals as the ‘Bangkok’s Best Nightlife’ spot, you may find a large number of clubs and discotheques around Silom, which lies around 10 minutes distance from the Square.

Further, if hip hop is your taste, head straight forward to the CM2 basement complex of Novotel Bangkok. Famous among the civilians for showcasing live band performances amidst a large crowd, you can homogenize into the vibes of the place easily with the beats of the DJ. But do keep track on time if you don’t want to haunt the streets during late midnight hours.

Siam Square at Night
Siam Square at Night

History of Siam Square

The Siam Square, present from Rama 1 Road to Chulalongkorn University Campus and from Phaya Thai Road to Henri Dunant in downtown Bangkok, is till date owned by the Chulalongkorn University. The first of the buildings of Siam Square are believed to have been constructed around the late 1960s as a source of rental income for the university.

With the passage of time, the nature and type of shops have evolved gradually to what it can be seen today. While there were ordinary shops in the early days of Siam Square, you may pretty well observe a lot of branded stores and Shopping Complexes at the place. This diversity in the type of shops present is what has made Siam Square popular as the epicentre of trending products and services in all of Bangkok. But what has not changed is the interest of people in spending moments of leisure and entertainment at the place, which can also be guessed from the large crowd you may get to see at the Square during your visit.

How To Reach Siam Square

Situated in close proximity to the Chulalongkorn University in downtown Bangkok, you may reach Siam Square via either of the following modes of transportation:

BTS Skytrain: If you are travelling to Siam Square from the Suvarnabhumi Airport, you may board the Airport Rail Link for the same. After travelling to Phaya Thai Station, you will need to switch to the BTS Sukhumvit Line.
Once you have hopped on to the BTS Sukhumvit Line, you will need to get down at Siam Station to reach Siam Square. The complete ride from the airport usually takes around 40 minutes. Further, since the Sukhumvit Line of BTS Skytrain leads to Siam Square, you will have to check the Skytrain route map to figure out your way to the place if you are travelling from any other part of the city.

Siam Square Sky Train
Siam Square Sky Train

Boat Ride: To reach Siam Square via boat, you will have to travel to the Golden Mount pier in Rattanakosin to board the boat. Operating every day from 5:30 AM to 8:30 PM, you will have to deboard at Sapan Hua Chang pier to reach Siam Square. The entire journey from boat takes around 15 to 20 minutes and costs around Baht 9 per person.

Bus: Although it is not advised to travel to Siam Square via bus due to the dense traffic in the region, you may hop on to the Bus No. 15 or Bus No. 47 to reach Siam Square. While Bus No. 15 originates from Phra Athit Road, Bus No. 47 starts from Rama IV Road. Here, it should be noted that if you are travelling via the Bus No. 47, you will need to get down at MBK Centre to reach Siam Square as it does not directly travel to the Siam Square Station like Bus No. 15.

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