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Timings : 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Time Required : 1-2 hrs

Entry Fee : Items at Amulet Market can cost between THB 5 to THB 20,000,000

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Amulet Market, Bangkok, Bangkok Overview

Amulet Market in Bangkok, Thailand is a century-old and the biggest market known for amulets (Kreaung Rang in Thai). You can find sundry other superstitious items of different shapes and meanings. The market is located adjacent to Wat Mahathat, in between the Chao Phraya River and Maha Rat Road around the Grand Palace. The Amulet Market of Bangkok has been attracting a niche crowd of people and is one of the rarest market experience you can ever have in your life.

Besides amulets, this market also offers other types of jewelry, souvenir items, talismans, traditional medicines, and all sizes of Buddha statues. The shopkeepers do not hassle anybody to buy anything but will guide you to buy the right amulet for your purpose. You can also get a custom-made talisman for yourself for fortune, goodwill, health, prosperity, etc. Hence, if you are intrigued by Hindu and Buddhist cultures, Amulet Market in Bangkok is meant for you.

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What to Buy at Amulet Market in Bangkok

Amulet Market is primarily known for countless options of amulets. However, there are a few famous talismans you can buy for any of the reasons you would want to:

1. Phra Kreaung: This is the most widely traded amulet which has the face of Buddha or a Buddhist monk. It is worn for protection and ranges between THB 20 to THB 20,000,000 (IR 43 to INR 43,000).

2. Palad Khik: This is a penis shaped amulet which is worn by men around their waist. It is known to increase one’s charm, luck, and prevent accidents. It can cost THB 20.

3. Kuman Thong: It is a small statue of a little boy dressed in traditional Thai costume. Kuman Thong translates to Golden Boy. It is said that if Kuman Thong is kept well fed, it can bring good luck and wealth. It costs around THB 400.

4. Muntjac Antlers: These are animal parts which are highly revered by Thai people. The Antlers of Muntjac are known to bring financial prosperity. It can cost around THB 2,000.

Besides that, you will also find some jewelry and souvenir shops. You can get Khon as a souvenir. It is a mask which has been delicately by hand.

Amulet Market Bangkok
A seller at the Amulet Market

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Amulet Market is on Saturdays and Sundays. The market is at its best on these days as all the shops are open.


1. Since the Amulet market space located by the streetside, remember to wear comfortable clothes and footwear.
2. Carry cash as most of the shops do not accept card payments.
3. If you are interested in buying amulets, it is advisable to do proper research about the kind and purpose of the amulet you want to buy.
4. Keep in mind is you cannot export Buddhist paraphernalia in Thailand. Hence, make sure you follow the Thai rules.

How To Reach Amulet Market

Amulet Market is located in between the Chao Phraya River and Maha Rat Road which is to the West of Wat Mahathat.

The market is serviced by ferried from Tha Maharaj River, Chang Pier, and Phra Chan Tai Pier. Get to National Stadium BTS and take Exit 2 down the street level. After this, make a U-turn and walk 20 meters to the bus stop. Board Bus 47 which will take 20 to 30 minutes and get off when you see Grand Palace or Sanam Luang (a big park). You will find a side street heading left between the two from where you have to head down for about 400 meters and turn right. Here, you shall see the beginning of the Amulet Market.

Hordes of Amulet at the Amulet Market in Bangkok

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