Here are the top 274 tourist attractions to see in Bali:

261. Hidden Canyon Mini Zoo

Hidden Canyon Mini Zoo

10,949 km
from city center
261 out of 274
places to visit in Bali

Located around a half-hour’s drive away from central Ubud, the Hidden Canyon Mini Zoo promises to bring you closer to the animals it houses. Creepy crawlies like tarantulas and a myriad of snakes and bats, all of which have been rescued, have been given a forever home that are taken care of properly. An IDR 100,000 entrance fee should be noted which goes towards the upkeep of the zoo.

262. Art Market Kumbasari

Art Market Kumbasari

37 km
from city center
262 out of 274
places to visit in Bali

One of Denpasar’s most enduring and iconic attractions, the Kumbasari Art Market is a one-stop shop for all things handicraft and art-related. Spanning 4 floors, the Kumbasari Art Market changes as the day progresses. Scenes with early morning market with fruit vendors abound morph into a bustling hub where tourists walk away with everything from easy to find sarongs or keychains to massive sculptures by midday. The Kumbasari Art Market also turns into a makeshift food court once the sun sets, with rows of food vendors selling scrumptious cheap eats, perfect after a long day of haggling and browsing through paintings.

263. Kuta Art Market

Kuta Art Market

10 km
from city center
263 out of 274
places to visit in Bali

Stretching out from the Kuta Sidewalk, the Kuta Art Market is hugely popular amongst tourists and is a favourite destination to head to when looking to buy souvenirs to remember you trip to Bali by. Rows upon rows of shops selling items of art that are known the world over as Balinese ensure that you can find whatever that you’re looking for under any budget. World-renowned surf brands like Billabong, Ripcurl, and Quiksilver have also set up shop alongside local designers, alluding to the market’s popularity.

264. Bedugul Traditional Market

Bedugul Traditional Market

12 km
from city center
264 out of 274
places to visit in Bali

Also called Pasar Candi Kuning, is one of central Bali and Bedugul’s main markets. Typical market fare such as fruit and vegetables make up most of what the market offers, and it is renowned for the wide variety of fruits in particular. Classic Balinese souvenirs like wooden keychains and handicraft can also be found here. Sandwiched in between the Beratan Lake and Eka Karya Botanic Gardens, the Bedugul Traditional Market makes for a great stopover in between both these really popular tourist attractions.

265. Pasar Endek Klungkung

Pasar Endek Klungkung

17 km
from city center
265 out of 274
places to visit in Bali

Located on Jalan Puputan in the Klungkung Regency , Pasar Endek Klungkung is known for being the place to go to buy traditional Balinese ethnic wear. The market is frequented by mostly locals looking to buy authentic and affordable ikat or batik fabric for their ceremonial attire, and therefore will offer plenty for tourists looking to take some fabric back with them.

266. Omnia Day Club

Omnia Day Club

56 km
from city center
266 out of 274
places to visit in Bali

Omnia Day Club is one of the highly acclaimed beach clubs in Bali. Located in the Uluwatu region in Bali, this club is home for some of the best bars in Bali. Be it the infinity pool or the view of the Indian ocean that stretches far and beyond the horizon shall treat your senses beyond your imagination. The club is perched on the cliff, giving you a cliff-top view of an out-of-the world scenery. The azure waters, the deep and dark green mountains and the white sand of the beaches blend together to create an everlasting memory on your mind. Visit Omnia Day Club for an amazing gastronomic experience where you get to taste award-winning cuisine and some cherry-picked recipes made out of local drinks. Some of the best DJs play live music too which can further elevate your experience while you relax here!

267. Ku De Ta, Seminyak

Ku De Ta, Seminyak

39 km
from city center
267 out of 274
places to visit in Bali

Located in : Seminyak

Located in the resort area of Seminyak in Bali, Ku De Ta is one of the most popular Beach Clubs in Bali. For more than two decades now, this beach club has remained a favourite for locals and tourists alike. The mesmerizing oceanic views, award-winning food, refreshing drinks and euphoric music from the live band are a few reasons why you should visit Ku De Ta. If you love partying by the beach or if your interest lies in a world-class gastronomic experience then too, Ku De Ta is the place to head towards. It’s simple and elegant ambience shall give you the best experience ever with the sparkling waters of the infinity pool sprinkling magic dust on you.

268. Tegallalang Market

Tegallalang Market

24 km
from city center
268 out of 274
places to visit in Bali

While the village of Tegallalang is know around the world for its famed rice-terraces, this village also is home to the central market of Tegallalang. The Tegallalang market is the ideal place to head to if you want authentic Balinese handicrafts, furniture, souvenirs, art, and fabrics! Located just outside of Ubud, this market is a cheaper and alternative to the more commercial-friendly and expensive Sukawati or Ubud Art Markets. The variety of shops that line the market road also means that you will most likely find anything that you're looking for to memorialise your trip to Bali.

269. GIanyar Night Market

GIanyar Night Market

34 km
from city center
269 out of 274
places to visit in Bali

Located just outside of the centre of Ubud lies the Gianyar Night Market. A street market that has stall upon stall serving scrumptious Balinese delicacies and street food, the Gianyar Night market is famous amongst those in the know for the sheer variety of delicious food to be devoured there. The 'babi guling' or whole roasted pig is especially renowned and is a major attraction to this particular night market.

270. Kuta Night Market

Kuta Night Market

44 km
from city center
270 out of 274
places to visit in Bali

The Kuta Night Market is the ideal way to escape the excess commercialism of the surrounding Kuta area with its constant partying and reckless abandon. The Kuta Night Market is slower, more laidback, and the market adopts a more leisurely pace of life as compared to the rest of the neighbourhood. Great Indonesian food at incredibly affordable prices make the night market a favourite amongst clubbers looking for a cheap bite to eat before dancing for long hours in crowded nightclubs.

271. West Bali National Park

West Bali National Park

72 km
from city center
271 out of 274
places to visit in Bali

The West Bali National Park is a conservation centre with forests, mangroves and the rare Savanna animals like the Bali starlings, bantengs, barking deers, along with coral reefs and is also the home to many ancient Hindu temples.

272. Kecak Dance, Bali

Kecak Dance, Bali

54 km
from city center
272 out of 274
places to visit in Bali

Also known as the Ramayana monkey chant, is based on the story of Ramayana and is performed in the temples in Bali. The performance includes 150 performers dancing in a circle chanting chak, moving their hands, wearing checked clothes around their waists.

273. Shark Island, Denapasar

Shark Island, Denapasar

273 out of 274
places to visit in Bali

In the Serangan island, Denpasar, Bali is the home of the sharks where tonnes of tourists come every year to have an interaction with these predators. It gives you an opportunity to have a closer look at these killers with sharp teeth under the guidance of expert instructors. Sharks forever has been a deadly nightmare when we think of the deep and the blue seas but in contrast you get to play with the baby sharks and you also get to know more about them other than the fact that they are deadly. The various types of sharks that one can find are the Black tip, White tip and Grey reef sharks, epaulette sharks, Tasseled and ornate wobbegongs, and many more along with the baby sharks.

274. Bali Wake Park

Bali Wake Park

34 km
from city center
274 out of 274
places to visit in Bali

Located at Denpasar, Bali, the Bali Wake Park is one of the top attractions at Bali. It is a park where millions of tourists come with their family and friends to have a fun time. This park is open from 10am to 7pm and has various fun activities like the Aqua land, Knee Boarding, Water Skiing, Cable park, experience all at one place, after which you can stay at the Bali Wake Park if you wish to, at the Bunkhouse at 300k or 500k. Free taxi rides from Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Canggu, Sanur and Denpasar if you book through the official website.

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How can I commute within Bali?

The most common method of transport around Bali is the metered taxi, and these are available in the important parts of Bali such as Denpassar, Ubud and Kuta. In the relatively less urban areas, dokars(horse-carts), ojeks(motorcycles) and bemos(vans) are common means of transport. Dokars are slightly more on the expensive side, while the other two are easily available and cheap as well.
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How much does a package cost for Bali?

The packages for Bali start at INR 11184 which can be further customized based on number of people, days, hotel category, vehicle type and customizations. You can have a look at all packages here

What are the top sightseeing places in Bali?

The top sightseeing places in Bali are Ulu Watu, Mount Batur, Scuba Diving, Tanah Lot, Nusa Penida Island, Goa Gajah.

What are the top shopping places in Bali?

The top shopping places in Bali are Ubud Art Market, Jimbaran Fish Market, Semarapura Market.

What are the top activities in Bali?

The top activities in Bali are Private Ngurah Rai Airport Transfers (DPS) for Bali, [SALE] Bali Private Car Charter, Waterbom Bali Admission Ticket, [SALE] Ayung White Water Rafting, Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Experience , Bali Safari and Marine Park.
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