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Situated in Keramas village in Blahbatu district, Pantai Keramas or Keramas beach offers scenic beauty for those looking to rejuvenate themselves, and crashing waves for those looking to spend an exciting day surfing. A row of palm trees wave gently in the breeze while the black sand sparkles under your feet. Ideal for watching sunsets and surfing.

Stretching over an area of about two kilometres, the glittering black sands of the picturesque Pantai Keramas is situated to the eastern side of Denpasar, in the quaint village of Keramas in Blahbatuh District. The big waves of the Indian Ocean crashing onto the sandy shores of the beach provide ideal conditions for surfing.

The sprawling Pantai Keramas is often visited by those who wish to bathe in the warm rays of the sun with a book in hand, or let the waves lift them up as the spray of the cool water hits them while they are trying to keep their balance on the surfboards.

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To witness a rather adorable sight at the beach, one must look out for all those duck farmers who bring in their ducks for a walk on the beach almost every day.

The key highlight of the alluring Pantai Keramas is surfing. The high waves that crash against the shore with an enormous force offer a challenging as well as adrenaline-inducing activity to the surfers to try out their skills on the wild waters of the ocean. Pantai Keramas is one of the few beaches in Bali where people can surf at night as well. This surreal experience is primarily arranged by a resort named Komune, which occupies the area adjacent to the Pantai Keramas. 

Even if you are not a surfer, the atmosphere at the beach as twilight gives in to the cool night is miraculous. Lying on the beach while looking at the vast sky, with stars twinkling against the black background, is enchantingly beautiful. Many people also arrange exciting bonfire parties at night and spend the entire time playing musical instruments and sharing stories, with some delicious food and alcoholic beverages in hand.

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