Pantai Purnama

Pantai Purnama, Bali Overview

Unlike the other overcrowded Balinese beaches, Pantai Purnama is a small black sand beach that offers a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere for its visitors. Apart from photography, fishing, sunbathing and picnicking, visitors can enjoy water adventures here as well.

Purnama beach is also known for its unique shrine consisting of a stack of pyramid-shaped reef rocks, some statues, and a few traditional white and yellow Balinese umbrellas. According to an old legend, these mixed bits added by the locals is now considered sacred.
Located in Banjar Lumpang Telabah, Sukawati Village, Gianyar Village, Bali, Pantai Purnama beach is an incredibly serene and stunning place to visit and have fun during one’s visit to Bali.

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Things to Do at Pantai Purnama

Pantai Purnama beach offers the perfect setting for photography with crystal black sand, waves, rural shorefront setting rich with vegetation and the view of Bali mountain. Many visitors come to this beach for fishing with their fishing rods while fishers make use of traditional boats to catch fish from the sea. Purnama beach also gives access to many surfing points with prominent waves in Bali such as Sanur Reef, Keramas, and Ketewel. Alhough high waves are suitable for surfing, they are quite rare. 

Pantai Purnama
Some other activities that visitors enjoy at this beach are recreation, sunbathing, playing beach sports, having a picnic and simply enjoying a peaceful walk along the beach. There are also some small family-owned restaurants and cafes called warung at this beach where visitors can consume various kinds of food items.    

Highlights of the Beach

The best part about this beach is that it is relatively secluded and is a great spot to have some peaceful time. It is also relatively clean credited to regular maintenance. There are even several lodging options near the beach for people who wish to stay near it. Visitors can also expect to witness the Balinese Hindu purification ceremony or ‘’melukat’’ and Ngaben and Melasti ceremonies at this beach.


  • Prepare the essentials that you might need during your visit to the beach in advance so that your day goes by smoothly. Water bottles, medical supplies (such as medicines, wet tissues, and antiseptics), and camera (you don’t want to miss the chance to capture the scenic beauty of this beach) are some of the things that you might need.
  • Keep an eye on the weather before you head to the beach so that you don’t face any problems later on.
  • It is advisable to not swim at this beach due to strong waves, and reef rocks present here.
  • There is an extensive vehicle parking area near the beach so you can come to the beach by your vehicle without having to worry about parking. The parking cost is also meager; with charges being about IDR 2,000 for two-wheeler vehicles and IDR 5,000 for four-wheelers.
  • People visiting the Purnama beach can also go to the Pura Erjeruk Sukawati temple, which is one of the most significant Balinese temples. This temple is known for hosting full-moon purification ceremonies and is situated just about 500 meters away from the beach.
  • You can also easily rent equipment from the locals at pocket-friendly prices if you don’t want to carry supplies to the beach. 
  • Also, it may get too hot sometimes with no place to seek shelter except a few food and beverage stalls at the beach.

How To Reach Pantai Purnama

Tourists can visit the Pantai Purnama beach either by their personal vehicles such as motorcycles or cars or by public transportation like a bus. One can reach the beach through the Jalan Ida Bagus Mantra By-Pass; from which one has to continue down the road until they see a signpost for the Keramas beach. Then, one has to turn right to reach the Purnama beach. Alternatively, one can take a bus to Sukawati which will leave them at the Sarbargita Bus Terminal. It is a 15-minute drive to the beach, henceforth.

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