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Located in Medahan village in Giyanar district, Masceti beach is the epitome of tranquillity. The shimmering black sands and mossy rocks invite you to spend your day laying in the sun and enjoying the view. Apart from a few local shops scattered across the beach, there is very little commercialisation here; Ideal for a quiet stay away from the overcrowded Bali beaches.

Pantai Masceti is one of Bali's nine sacred directional temples that are located right on the beach. The temple is built in a beautiful shape of the garuda bird (mythical bird) and is decked in bold statutory and designs. The beach acquires its name from this temple which acts as a refuge for all Hindus in Bali.

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The Masceti Temple is a sacred place which is considered to be a holy abode for all rituals. The temple is believed to be a place of supernatural energy and also a medical treatment for religious leaders. However, it is necessary to obey certain rules and restrictions since the premonition says that bad things happen to people who don't obey these rules.

Pantai Masceti is a beautiful masterpiece in itself and it acts as a natural therapy to refresh your mind and body. Thus, it helps one to experience tranquil and peace like never before relaxing by the serene beauty of the beach.

The beach tends to get more crowded in the afternoon when many people come to watch the beauty of the sunset and relax. One will also spot the children playing in the sand, while there may be some going in for a refreshing swim in the water, or playing volleyball on the beach.

The area also has several other facilities like a large parking lot, food and beverage stalls, and luxurious villas and resorts to get pampered while enjoying the beautiful stay in Pantai Masceti.

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