12 Pictures Of Auli That Will Make You Pack Your Bags Right Away!

Auli is known for its scenic beauty and as a premier destination for adventure sports in the snow. Tucked away amongst the mighty Himalayas, here you can experience and capture jaw-dropping panoramic views of the valleys and surrounding hills. From calm and thrilling treks, fresh snow and adventure sports, Auli has everything to satisfy your wants and needs. A certain charm falls over Auli in winter and December is the perfect time to experience it yourself.

So, here are 12 pictures which will bury Auli in a special place in your hearts:

Sunrise over Dronagiri
Sunrise over Dronagiri (Source)

Every morning when you wake up, be sure to experience the warm sun slowly rise over the Dronagiri peak. The view of the snowy sun-kissed peak in the chilly mornings will make you feel warm from the inside.

Interacting with locals in Auli
All smiles with children in Auli (Source)

The locals of Auli always have a smile to give and stories to share. Walks among the local houses and stores are never a dull experience as you are always treated with warmth and enthusiasm.

Insulation of windows in winter, Auli
Insulated Windows during winter in Auli (Source)

A very peculiar sight is the lining of windows with dried leaves and branches. You will notice this in all the houses and windows of local shops during the winter period. Locals use this method to insulate their homes and keep warm from the cold.

Trek with local guides, Auli
Trekking with local guides, Auli (Source)

Take treks with the local guides whenever possible. The stories, tips and experiences they share add to the overall charm of the scenic beauty of Auli's trails. A moment will not surpass where you feel you are walking among strangers.

Solo trek through trails, Auli
Sunny afternoon trail, Auli (Source)

Sunny afternoons are a great time for some treks on your own. The unbeaten paths along the gentle slopes in the areas around Auli are perfect for some solo adventures and self-discovery.

Snow blanket in Auli
A blanket of snow, Auli (Source

Snow is not an uncommon sight in hill stations. But the blanket of snow which envelopes the slopes and peaks of Auli during winters has a certain magic of its own. It offers a perfect setting to walk through or have some fun with friends and family. Who wouldn't feel like a kid again while making snow figures or ploughing your feet knee deep in the thick snow?

Skiing in Auli
Skiing in Auli (Source)

Skiing in Auli is something you just cannot ignore. This is one of the best things to do in Auli in December. Whether you are a true daredevil or a complete chicken, the immense adrenaline rush that surges inside you is an experience worth more than gold. There are slopes for both beginners and professionals. If you are an amateur or do not trust yourself to stay up on your feet, the local trainers and watchers will guide you and always be by your side.

Camping in the snow, Auli
Overnight snow on the tent, Auli (Source)

There are no igloos here, but the next best thing is possible. Get your own tents, find a spot of your own and spend those chilly nights on the outside. Make sure you get some sturdy tents and lots of warm cover as the snowy nights can really get the temperatures dipping.

Ropeway in Auli
Ropeway in Auli (Source)

The ropeway
in Auli is one of the top attractions. It connects Auli to the nearby hill station of Joshimath. Take the ride to experience scintillating views of the snow-covered valleys and meadows. In the skiing season, you get the best views of other tourists and skiing competitions held in the region.

Artificial Lake in Auli
Artificial Lake, Auli (Source)

There are some man-made marvels which you have to see with your own eyes to believe in them. The Auli artificial lake is officially the highest man-made reservoir of water ever. Water from this lake is used to feed the slopes to make sure the slopes remain snow covered during winter seasons when snowfall is less. The view by the side of the lake with the majestic snow capped mountains in the backdrop is a breathtaking sight.

Evening prayer session at an orphanage, Auli
Children at an evening prayer session in an orphanage (Source)

An evening prayer session at a local orphanage in Auli. Even in the cold winters, the children do not miss any prayer sessions. They have adopted such discipline and devotion to the almighty despite their own difficult lives.

Sunset over Nanda Devi peak
Sunset over Nanda Devi Peak (Source)

A perfect end to any day during your stay in Auli. The orange sun setting over the peak of Nanda Devi is so picturesque it can be deemed worthy of being a Hollywood movie scene. You can feel the colour and hue of the sky change, as the shade of the sunlight slowly fades from a warm red to a dull orange.

These pictures summarise a unique and offbeat experience in Auli which no itinerary will ever be able to provide. On the outside, Auli's natural beauty and grandeur will surely amaze you. But it is an amalgam of all the grand things and the little things found among its people which will leave you with the happiest of memories. So, take a trip to Auli in December. You will not be disappointed.

This post was published by Joysurjya Hagjer

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