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"The Kiwi city of volcanoes"

Auckland Tourism

Auckland is one of New Zealand's oldest and most historic cities apart from it being the largest and most populous, making it one of the country's most important tourist hubs. Situated by two large harbours, Auckland combines natural beauty and city scapes, drawing in visitors for leisure and business alike all year round.

Auckland has a plethora of activities and attractions on offer for every kind of traveller, giving visitors the luxury of choice in terms of experiences. It is world-renowned for being home to a number of volcanoes, islands and mountains. To add to its beauty, the city is dotted with beautiful green parks, gardens and lakes. You can head to one of the numerous viewpoints around the city for a beautiful view of the natural landscapes with the gorgeous modern skyscrapers, making Auckland’s cityscape a treat to the eye. With New Zealand’s reputation for adrenaline activities, Auckland is a hub for adventure sports. Due to the proximity to the water and the massive harbours, the city is known worldwide for its love affair with boats and the ocean, so much so it is called the 'City of Sails' and has dominated America's Cup in recent years. This is well captured in the Maritime Museum of Auckland, which is just one of the several museums in the city, dedicated to the fields of art, national and natural history, and even plant and animal history.

Auckland also offers a great assortment of adventure activities, the most famous being the bungee jump from the harbour bridge and the Sky Tower. The same two places also provide quite stunning vantage points of the city. Go for a stroll down at the Auckland Domain or at Albert Park to relax and absorb the natural beauty of the city. The city is the site of various cultural events throughout the year, like the Auckland Festival, the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, and the New Zealand International Film Festival to name just a few. So get your gear on and head off to Auckland for an exciting vacation!

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Currency in Auckland

Only the New Zealand Dollar is accepted in Auckland. Being a global city, all major Visa and MasterCard debit and credit cards are accepted throughout.

Shopping in Auckland

Auckland is a huge metropolitan city, so of course, options to shop are many. The entire city is dotted with several shopping malls, with the newest addition Sylvia Park, also the largest mall in Auckland. Queen Street is a hotspot for avid shoppers. High end fashion boutiques can be found on High Street. At the same time, Newmarkett, Parnell and Ponsonby are great if you're looking for an 'inexpensive yet totally worth it' experience, selling items like clothes, accessories and ornaments.

Nightlife in Auckland

Auckland is full of bars and nightclubs to help you have just the right night. Though two of these areas are most reupted - Ponsonby Road has many great bars and nightclubs, with the most happening crowd to be around, with Ponsonby Social Club and Revelry as great options. You will also find many options in Britomart, which houses great atmospheric bars and restaurants for a great night out as well. Ortolana and Orleans are popular bars in Britomart.¾

History of Auckland

The Maoris have lived in and around Auckland for more than 20,000 years before the Europeans finally arrived in the 19th century. However, by the time the Europeans came, the Maoris had shifted inland, due to lack of modern weapons and fear of raids. Colonial rule in Auckland was established as late as 1840, and the land was obtained from a Maori himself. Auckland was declared capital in 1841 and held on to that status till 1865. There have been severe conflicts between Pakehas (Europeans New Zealanders) and Maoris throughout the 19th century over land and resources. The Maoris felt that they were being alienated from their own land, and being stratified away from the benefits. Although the Maoris were compensated and some of their titles and businesses were restored, there remains severe contention to this day regarding what is actually the just way to deal with what happened back then. In modern times, the expansion of the city area was largely due to the dominance of the motor car, which dramatically increased the area that could be accessed. In more recent times, Auckland has become the economic hub of the country after the reforms took place in the 1980s. Today, the city is the main source of tourism based income for the entire country.

Language of Auckland

English is Auckland's official language which is understood and spoken by nearly the entire population. Maori, the language of the indigenous people, is also spoken in some parts and communities in the city.

Auckland Customs

General conduct to follow in Auckland is based on simple, polite and courteous behaviour. Saying thank you, or please will go a long way in helping you get your work done or get good service. No special requirements as far as dressing is concerned, but it is always preferable to dress neatly. However, there are a few point to remember if you're interacting with the indigenous Maori. Be very respectful towards food and elders. In the Maori language, the word 'Tapu' refers to sacred, so it's best to avoid touching items so labeled. Tipping culture in Auckland doesn't really exist. You can always tip if you like the service you have been provided, however, it is not expected or obligatory.

Religion of Auckland

Christianity is the largest religion of Auckland.

Daily Budget for Auckland

Auckland is not an overly expensive city. That said, it is one of New Zealand's most important cities, so don't expect very cheap prices either. For a low budget visit to Auckland you can expect to spend around NZD 100 - 120. Going higher, a mid range budget can lie around NZD 150 - 200 and a luxurious trip of Auckland can be anywhere north of NZD 250 - 270.

Exchanging Money in Auckland

There are several companies which offer currency conversion options throughout Auckland. No1 Currency, Travel Money and Travelex are some of them. You can convert currency through simple ATM withdrawals as well, though it is best to withdraw substantial amounts since most cards charge per transaction on international withdrawals. Enquire with your bank about these rates.

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FAQs on Auckland

What are the places near Auckland?

The top places near to Auckland are Hunua ranges which is 37 km from Auckland, Bastion point which is located 5 km from Auckland, Gisborne which is located 350 km from Auckland, Rotorua which is located 194 km from Auckland, Tauranga which is located 155 km from Auckland

What are the things to do in Auckland?

The top things to do in Auckland are Sky Tower, Cornwall Park, Rangitoto Island, Waiheke Island, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland Zoo. You can see all the places to visit in Auckland here

What are the top hotels in Auckland?

There are 1348 in Auckland which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Auckland are Warblers Retreat, Ferrymead Gardens, Longview Villa, 6 Gunson Street, The Grange, Coast Retreat Muriwai - Walk to the Beach!. You can see all the hotels in Auckland here

How much does a package cost for Auckland?

The packages for Auckland start at INR 88840 which can be further customized based on number of people, days, hotel category, vehicle type and customizations. You can have a look at all packages here

What is the local food in Auckland?

Local food in Auckland is diverse and all inclusive. The influx of Asians into the city also means that good oriental food can be found at many places. Various fruits and vegetables are readily used in dishes. Fast food joints such as KFC, McDonald's etc. are also present in more than one location.The indigenous Mauri cuisine concentrates on sea food and other meats such as lamb, mutton and pork. The dishes are cooked in earth ovens through the use of fire. The steam produced by the burning of the stones then cooks the food for several hours in the hangi.
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What is the best time to visit Auckland?

The summers are the on season period in Auckland. The warm temperatures mean that the entire city is out and about. The parks and gardens are lush and colourful, and the weather throughout the day remains pleasant. This is also an ideal time to visit the beaches, and conditions for visiting islands such as Rangitoto and Waiheke are optimal. Clear skies and good visibility ensures that view points such as the Sky Tower are fully operational as well.
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