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Bastion Point Tourism

Bastion Point is a scenic destination located in Orakei, Auckland, New Zealand. It is basically a vast expanse of coastal land that overlooks the Waitemata Harbour. Its charming surroundings draw a considerable number of visitors each year. Several tour buses often make a pitstop at the harbour for it provides a great view of the river. There are gardens, lawns, meadows and several other beautiful features that make Bastion Point an Aucklander's favourite haunt. It is also popular for its tranquil, clean and pollution-free atmosphere.

Apart from its beautiful surroundings, it is also popular because of its history, especially the 19th century Maori Protest that continued for almost two years. Its proximity and stories of the past make it a great picnic spot for the locals. People can pack a lunch and head to this serene location for a day-long outing with friends and family and also explore other attractions nearby. Tourists often visit via the hop-on and hop-off buses. City tours also cover this location along with a tour through Auckland City, but it might not be the best way to experience Bastion Point. If one can rent a cab or self-drive, they can make the most of their trip.

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Things to Do at Bastion Point

At Bastion Point, travellers can explore the scenic surroundings that consist of natural as well as manmade settings. There are landscaped gardens, lawns, dense natural vegetation and several monuments including the historical monuments that travellers can explore. People can visit the Tamaki River, Waitemata Harbour, Mission Bay Beach, M J Savage Memorial Park, Sea Life Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium, etc. The destination is also known for water sports, especially kayaking. Tours can also include exploring the picturesque surroundings of Bastion Point and getting a stunning view of Auckland City. Other attractions located within 3 kilometres from Bastion Point can also be explored over a one-day trip. Some of these attractions are North Head Historic Reserve, Mount Victoria Reserve, St. Hellier’s Bay, Devonport and Torpedo Bay Navy Museum. Food can be another reason for travellers to spend some more time at Bastion Point. There are some good restaurants, cafes, eateries, bakeries where one can find delicious food. Some of these places are Movenpick, Five Star and Bar, Tonino’s Pizzeria, The Attic Bar and Restaurant, Mission Bay Café, L’Oriental Fusion, Dos Amigos etc.

History of Bastion Point

Bastion Point was the land of the Ngati Whatua which is a Maori tribe of New Zealand. Bastion Point was essentially the land overlooking a vast expanse of fertile farmlands and fishing areas. After the colonization of New Zealand, roughly around the 14th century, the region underwent several changes. Then, in the mid-19th century, during the Russian Scare, the land was given to the Crown. About 92 to 93 years later, a historical protest was held against a proposed sale of the land by the Maori iwi tribe. The protest is famously known as the Maori Protest which went for 506 days. Around the same time, the Government of New Zealand was formed. Bastion Point and the land surrounding it was seized for public works and further development of the region was carried out which continued well into the mid-20th century.

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FAQs on Bastion Point

What is the best time to visit Bastion point?

The best time to visit Bastion Point is during the summer season which begins in the month of December and lasts till February. The daytime temperature during this season remains around 20ᵒC while the lowest it can touch is 14ᵒC.

Although it is summertime in Auckland, the region does receive occasional showers. Other than the summer, people could find the spring season worth visiting the destination too i.e. between September and November. The weather is comparatively cold and transitioning into the summer. So, the maximum temperature hovers around 19ᵒC while the minimum remains around 8.5ᵒC.

There is no snowfall but the chills are occasionally accompanied by rainfall which might make exploring Bastion Point a little too difficult. 

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What is the best way to reach Bastion point?

  • Travellers can reach Bastion Point by cabs, buses, trains and flights depending on how far they are travelling from. The roadways in the city are well-connected and well-maintained. So, taxis and intercity buses, especially the hop-on and hop-off buses are best to reach the point from any part of Auckland.
  • From the city centre, Bastion Point is located about 3 kilometres away and can be accessed via this route – Federal Street – Wyndham Street – Albert Street – Customs Street W – Customs Street E – Commerce Street – Quay Street. About 1.8 kilometres ahead from Quay Street, through Tamaki Drive, one can reach Bastion Point.
  • Those wanting to take a train to reach Auckland can check for trains heading to Strand Railway Station in Auckland. This railway station is the closest to Bastion Point. From the drop point, it requires a commute of about 1.2 kilometres to reach the destination. Cabs are easily available on hire from the railway station.
  • The closest airport to Bastion Point is located about 29 kilometres away, near Mangere and is called the Auckland International Airport (AKL). For those flying in from other countries, airport cabs and airport shuttles are available to take you to the destination. The route to Bastion Point from the airport goes via Ray Emery Drive – South-Western Motorway/ SH 20 – Waterview connection road – Tamaki Drive.

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What are the places near Bastion point?

The top places near to Bastion point are Auckland which is 5 km from Bastion point, Hunua ranges which is located 34 km from Bastion point, Gisborne which is located 346 km from Bastion point, Rotorua which is located 191 km from Bastion point, Tauranga which is located 151 km from Bastion point

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