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What is the best time to visit Anandpur Sahib?

Winter (October - February)

Anandpur Sahib is located in the plains of northern India. The climate here is temperate through the year. Winter is the best time to visit as the temperature is cool and tourists can comfortably stroll the streets of the town. Summers are avoidable as there are hot dry winds (known as 'Loo') that make it difficult to venture outdoors. 

Weather in Anandpur Sahib


Upcoming Anandpur Sahib Weather

Monthly Weather in Anandpur Sahib

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 18°/ 8° 10 days
February 23°/ 10° 3 days
March 25°/ 13° 10 days
April 33°/ 17° 6 days
May 38°/ 21° 2 days
June 41°/ 25° 3 days
July 34°/ 25° 19 days
August 32°/ 24° 23 days
September 32°/ 23° 21 days
October 31°/ 18° 0 days
November 27°/ 14° 4 days
December 20°/ 8° 3 days

More about Best Time to Travel to Anandpur Sahib

Anandpur Sahib in Summer (March - June)

Summer in Anandpur Sahib is hot and dry. Any outdoor activity can get very uncomfortable due to the Loo and the scorching sun. In this weather, it is not advisable to go sightseeing as the temperatures can soar above 45 degrees Celcius during the day. The nights are cooler, but since there are not many activities for tourists during the night, it is best to avoid the summers. On the other hand as it is off-season for tourists - if you are looking for a slash in the hotel rates, this is a good time to visit.

Anandpur Sahib in Monsoon (July - September)

Monsoon in Anandpur Sahib lasts from July to late September and the temperature during this time is comfortable, averaging between 18 to 39 degrees Celcius. There is frequent rainfall, but it is not always heavy.

Anandpur Sahib in Winter (October - February)

Winter is the time most preferred by tourists since the temperature is comfortable and there is no rainfall. The average daytime temperature is between 5 and 18 degrees Celcius, and the humidity is low. Nights can get very chilly, with temperatures dropping down to below 4 degrees Celcius.

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