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Bilaspur (HP)

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"India's first planned hill station"

Bilaspur (HP) Tourism

Bilaspur is a hill town near Shimla, famous for its forts and Gobind Sagar lake, a man-made reservoir considered the lifeline of the district.

Bilaspur, India's first planned hill station, is popularly known for its artificially made lake which is called the Gobind Sagar Lake on Sutlej River. It is a beautiful lake where one can rejuvenate and participate in water sports and fishing. Also, this lake provides water to the very famous Bhakra Nagal Dam. Bhakra Dam is the highest dam in India and it is also the highest straight gravity dam in the entire world. This dam located on the foothills of Himalaya offers spectacular views of the Gobind Sagar Lake. Apart from this, the road bridge on the Gobind Sagar Lake at Kandraur is highest of its kind in Asia.

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More on Bilaspur (HP)

The grandeur of Bhakra Dam

Bilaspur is most famous for the Bhakra Dam, which is built on the river Sutlej. The concrete dam constructed in the year 1963, which is the largest dam in India. Situated in the midst of Satluj river and green hills, it is sprawled over an area of 168 km and offers the majestic view of the whole Bilaspur hill station. Gobind Sagar lake formed by the Bhakra Dam is another attraction of the town. It is the third largest reservoir in terms of its capacity. You can relax on the banks of this reservoir to spend your time in leisure overlooking the majestic beauty of Bhakra Dam.

The hub for enthralling adventure sports

There is no dearth of adventure in the small hill town of Bilaspur. After you have enjoyed the marvellous structure of Bhakra Dam and Gobind Sagar Lake, brace yourself up for the number of adventure sports in the manmade reservoir. Gobind Sagar Lake is not just the water reservoir but also it offers the various water sports. You can enjoy boating, water skiing, kayaking, sailing and regattas in the still waters of the Lake. Not just this, Bilaspur is also famous for its paragliding that takes you high in the sky, with the lush green hills, Sutlej river, and the majestic Bhakra Dam sure do look beautiful from up above.

Restaurants and Local Food in Bilaspur (HP)

Bilaspur has a handful of restaurants serving typical food and cuisines. Other than these the options become limited and you might want to check on some personal arrangements for food. One can probably explore more options in the nearby or surrounding cities. .
Himachali cuisine is very simple and a staple meal consists of Chapati, dals, vegetable gravy and curd. Pickles are typically served along with a meal in most of the eating joints here. You may also find many fruits here as Himachal is famous for fresh and fine varieties of fruits at low prices.
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Suggested Itinerary

Day 1- Arrive at Bilaspur in the morning. Check-in at the hotel. After some rest, leave for the local tour of the city. First, visit the Bhakra Dam, the concrete dam is the largest dam in India, with the height of 220 m. Later, Gobind Sagar lake, a man-made reservoir formed by the Bhakra Nangal Dam. You can enjoy surfing, water skiing, boating and Kayaking in the lake. Also visit the Kandraur bridge, which was the Asia’s largest bridge at one time.
Day 2- After breakfast at the hotel, head to Vyas caves, on the banks of river Sutlej, the caves are named after Maharishi Vyas who stayed here for a short period of time. Then, visit the Nahar Singh Dhaulra, the temple in Bilaspur dedicated to Nahar Singh. Later, enjoy the adventure sports of Paragliding in Bilaspur. Also visit the Bachhretu fort, at an elevation of 3,000 m, the fort is famous for its historic ruins.

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Holidify's Opinion

What's Great?

Easily accessible by road. A number of adventure sports are available apart from sightseeing.

What's Not So Great?

Cannot be visited during the Monsoon season, as the water level of the dam increases as makes is riskier to visit the dam. Does not have its own airport and railway station.

For Whom?

Perfect place for adventure lovers and offbeat explorers.

How To Reach Bilaspur (HP)

The nearest major railway station connected to the major cities of the country is in Kiratpur Sahab which is 65 km away from Bilaspur. You can take a taxi from there to this city.

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