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Takhat Sri Kesgarh Sahib Ji is a famous Gurudwara is located right in the heart of Anandpur Sahib and is among the most revered Sikh institutions in the country. Its foundation was laid in 1689, and the Khalsa Panth was born here. The initiation of Khande di Pahul by Guru Gobind Singh Ji happened here on the holy day of Baisakhi in 1699. This sacred shrine holds great importance among locals.

Takhat Sri Kesgarh Sahib Ji has a rich and glorious history. The invading armies were never able to reach this place. It is one of the five supreme seats of authority (Takhats). It is home to numerous relics and memoirs from the past, including Guru Gobind Singh’s Khanda- the double-edged sword that was used by him to prepare Amrit, his personal dagger- Katara, his own gun that was gifted to him by one follower in Lahore, and the double-edged weapon called Saif, that was gifted to him by Bahadur Shah.

The current building complex is a majestic structure in white, shining brightly in the sun. It was built between 1936 and 1944. Because it is built on the slope of a hill, two levels are supported and protected by retaining walls. Visitors will be enthralled to see the mighty gateway that extends over two-storeys and has multiple offices and a vast courtyard.

The ground level has the main building at an elevation of about 2.5 meters. The holy Guru Granth Sahib rests outside the sanctum under a canopy adorned by a lotus-shaped dome with a high-rising pinnacle and a khanda. Adjoining the sanctum are the weapons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Visitors must treat themselves to a hearty, free meal at the langar hall.

Keshgarh Sahib, Anandpur Sahib, Punjab 140118

Contact number: 0188 7232023

How to reach:

Takhat Sri Kesgarh Sahib Ji can be reached by private and public transport. The road trip to this place from Chandigarh covers about 80 km and takes about 2 hours. Many state buses ply from Chandigarh and reach here. Visitors may also take a train from Chandigarh to reach Anandpur Sahib and then take a taxi or auto to reach Takhat Sri Kesgarh Sahib Ji. Chandigarh is connected to major Indian cities by flight, and visitors can easily reach here from Chandigarh.

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