The Best Amusement Parks in New York City

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The Best Amusement Parks in New York City | Fun Amusement Parks in New York City

The most famous and most visited amusement parks of New York City: New York is a heaven for those who are willing to enjoy their time on weekends. Just like the many parks, gardens, casinos and golf (Read More) courses, New York has numerous amusement parks to kill boredom and monotonous working patterns. Let us now see which are the best amusement parks in and around New York City!

Here is the list of 15 The Best Amusement Parks in New York City

1. Hershey Park

Hershey Park
4.5 /5

Hersheypark was built by the owners of the Hershey’s Chocolate Company in Pennsylvania State. Accommodation facility at the amusement park is available at three hotels namely, The Hershey Hotel, Hershey Lodge and Hershey Camping Resort.

Location : It is located in Pennsylvania, which is 160 miles away from New York City, or a three-hour drive from the city.

Timings : This park is open from Friday to Sunday and closed on all other days. The timings of the park are from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Entry Fee : For kids under three years and senior citizens, tickets start from $ 36 for a single day to $26 for two days. 
For all other age groups, tickets start from $46 for one day to $32 for two days. 
There are various other packages for people, such as seasonal passes starting from $200 and $37 starting package for groups having more than 20 people.

2. Midway Amusement Park

Midway Amusement Park
4.5 /5

Midway state park is a historic park beside Chautauqua Lake and was established in 1898 and had been serving as a family park since then. Located a 6 hour drive away from central new york City, this park is famous for its multiple vintage (yet safe) rides.

Timings : 12 PM to 7 PM

Parking : One can also enter the park through water in a boat. There are no docking charges.

Pet Friendly : Pets are not allowed inside the ride area. However they are allowed in the picnic area but they should be compulsorily leased. 

Entry Fee : There are multiple variations in ticket price according to week day, age, height, weight, ride, time and other categories. Do take note of this while purchasing.

Note : To drink alcohol in the park you will need an alcohol permit.

3. Victorian Gardens, Central Park

Victorian Gardens, Central Park
4.0 /5

Victorian Gardens Amusement Park is located inside of Central Park, in Manhattan borough of New York City. There are many attractions in the Victorian Park for kids and adults. Bigfoot, Rainbow wheel, Grand Prix, Family Swing, Jump Around and Aeromax are some of the most famous rides in the park.

Timiings : It stays open on all days of the week from morning 11 am to evening 7 pm.

Location : The amusement park is located inside the Central Park of New York City, so it offers a lot of space, greenery and variety of options, more than any other amusement park in that region. 

Entry Fee : The tickets start from $17 on weekends and from $19 on weekdays.

4. Diggerland USA, West Berlin, NJ

Diggerland USA, West Berlin, NJ
4.0 /5

Diggerland USA is located in West Berlin of New Jersey in the United States. It is built on construction-theme where children can operate and ride machinery which is used in constructing buildings, which is the park’s main attraction. Apart from that, it has many exciting rides too!

Timings : It is open only on Saturdays and Sundays from morning 11 am to evening 5.30 pm on Saturdays and till 6 pm on Sunday evenings.

Entry Fee : The tickets for the amusement park start from $34 per person.

Disability-friendly : While outside wheelchairs are allowed and roads are graveled smoothly, but the park do not offer wheelchairs or even electric cars on rental basis like other amusement parks in New York City.

Events : The park has many zones reserved for corporate and social meetings and gatherings. The price of which is starting from $835 to $1,200.

5. Dutch Wonderland

Dutch Wonderland
4.5 /5

Dutch Wonderland is located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It is 150 miles away from downtown New York City, which is roughly a three-hour drive. There are also numerous shopping enclaves selling toys, clothes, sports goods and artefacts.

Entry Fee : The general admission ticket starts from $41, but it costs $39 for senior citizens, and free of cost for kids under two. 
For further discounts and deals, people opt for a seasonal pass, which gives more facilities at the same amount.

Disability-friendly : For people with disability, wheelchairs are allowed and electric cars are available on rental options.

Timings : The park is open from 10 am to 8.30 pm on weekends.

6. Deno's Wonder Wheel Park

Deno's Wonder Wheel Park
4.0 /5

Deno’s Wonder Wheel Park is located in the Coney Island of Brooklyn borough in New York City. It is one of the most famous amusement parks in New York City from the year 1950.

Entry Fee : The best part is that if you want to visit the park and relax, it is free of charge.

Ride prices :  But for enjoying the rides, price of tickets start from $ 40 which have 50 credits going up to $100 with 150 credits. With every ride you enjoy the credits are deducted.

Disability-friendly : The park is disability-friendly with availability of wheelchairs and electric cars and is strictly maintained according to ADA Policy. 

Timings : The park is open from April to October in weekends from noon to evening 7 pm. From June to Labour Day it is open all days of the week.

7. Luna Park, Coney Island

Luna Park, Coney Island
4.5 /5

Luna Park is one of the most famous and most visited amusement parks, which is located in Brooklyn borough of New York City. The tickets are too economical for a city like New York, and at the same time the park is worth all your time.

Entry Fee : For kids under seven years, they are at $12, for senior citizens at $16 
For all other people except the above two groups, tickets start at $20. 

Timings : The park is open between Easter to Halloween on weekends, from afternoon 4 pm and closes at 9 pm

Parking : The park is very friendly for disabled, they are provided care, assistance, excused from waiting in lines, and have parking spaces for their wheelchairs and cars.

8. Lake George Expedition Park

Lake George Expedition Park
4.0 /5

Lake George expedition Park, around 200 miles from Central New York city is a perfect destination for family vacations And is quite famous for its unique theme revolving around wildlife, forests and dinosaurs which attracts thousands of young children and their parents every year.

Timings : Due to the ongoing pandemic situation the park is closed for now. 
The usual timing was from 10 AM to 5 PM

Bookings : For special events and programs you need to pre book from their official website.

9. Sylvan Beach Amusement park

Sylvan Beach Amusement park
4.0 /5

Located on the eastern shore of Oneida Lake and at around 237 miles from central New York City, Sylvan beach amusement park offers Sandy beaches, many picnic areas & camping sites, fishing facilities and many more to its visitors, all within half a mile distance from the resort area.

Disability-friendly : Resort area is wheelchair accessible but the play rides are not. 

Timings : Timing is from 12 PM to 8 PM. 

Ride Requirements : Every play ride has different height & weight requirements and most of them require guardian assistance.

Beach Pass : You get a free beach access pass with any ticket you buy at the amusement park. 

Parking : Ample parking spaces are available near the resort area.

10. Six Flags Darien Lake

Six Flags Darien Lake
4.0 /5

It's the largest resort in buffalo County since 1981 with more than three dozen attractions for children and adults alike with around 1.5 million visitors annually. At a 6 hour ride from central NYC , it's a perfect family vacation destination with a theme park, multiple water parks, playgrounds and hotels all inside the resort perimeter.

Pet Friendly : Only service dogs are allowed inside. For other pets you need to make a prior reservation.

Disability friendly : The entire area is wheelchair & child friendly.

Attraction : The 10 acre water park is a must see.

Bookings : Book for lodging(in advance) only from the official six flags website.

Parking : Free Parking is complimentary with a lodging booking.

11. The Great Escape: Queensbury (Lake George)

The Great Escape: Queensbury (Lake George)
4.0 /5

The Great Escape is located alongside Hurricane Harbor in the Queensbury region of New York State. It is about 60 miles north of New York City centre. The park has adventure rides like roller coasters and water rides for kids and adults which are quite famous with everyone.

Entry Fee : The price of tickets starts from $25 for all, from kids to elderly people. 

Timings : The park is open during weekends from afternoon 12 to evenings at 7 PM.

12. Enchanted Forest Water Safari: Old Forge

Enchanted Forest Water Safari: Old Forge
4.0 /5

The Enchanted Forest Water Safari is located in the Old Forge Area of New York City. The park has many water rides, adventure rides, eateries, dining areas, shopping enclaves and relaxing areas.

Timings : It opens on weekends from afternoon 12 to evening 7 pm. 

Entry Fee : Price of tickets start from $50. 

Disability-friendly : The park is disability-friendly with proper leveled roads for wheelchairs and elderly people.

13. Huck Finn’s Playland, Albany

Huck Finn’s Playland, Albany
4.0 /5

Established in 1951 Huck Finn's playland is one of the most authentic amusement parks in this state. Earlier known as Hoffman's Playground, this park has a long history of entertaining young children and their parents with a long list of inexpensive and fun-filled rides. There are ample parking spaces available.

Entry Fee : Admission to the park is completely free; you only need to pay for rides. 

Stay : There is no lodging facility inside the area.

14. Buffalo RiverWorks

Buffalo RiverWorks
4.0 /5

The Buffalo River works are located in Buffalo in New York State in the United States.

Timings : The park is open from 11 am and closes at 9 pm on all days of the week.

Entry Fee. : Tickets start from $30 for all people.

15. Sea breeze Amusement Park, Rochester

Sea breeze Amusement Park, Rochester
4.0 /5

This 141 year old (also 4th oldest in US) amusement park famous for its "Jack Rabbit roller coaster ride" is located in Irondequoit, Monroe County at around hundred miles from Central New York city.

Parking : Parking is completely free. 

Entry Fee : Children under 2 years of age aren't charged for admission. You can also obtain a night ride pass for $26 for unlimited rides and slides after 5 p.m.  

Note : Rides are temporarily closed during extreme weather conditions so it's advised not to visit during the rainy season.

So, these were some of the best and most visited amusement parks in and around the New York City. If you feel we have missed out on your favorite park, let us know in the comments box below!

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