Visiting Nepal During May: A Complete Guide 

As Nepal presents the best scenario for aspiring travellers, it is one of the favourites and pocket-friendly destinations for many tourists. The iconic Himalayas, Kathmandu treks, and cheap restaurants provide add to the advantages of touring Nepal. If you wish to visit the country in May, make sure to go through this guide.

Why Visit Nepal During May?

The month of May is the second-best time to visit the country. The warm weather and the lush green environment provides one of the best setups to visit the city of Kathmandu. The long days and less chance of rainfall ( the latter part of May is the time of arrival of rainfall) adds up to the advantages of touring the city during May. 

The month of May is the time of spring and a small amount of rainfall. Hence, trekking is favourable during this month. Hence, apart from visiting the country in October, you should not hesitate to visit Nepal during the month of May.

Average temperature and rainfall

Temperature: 46℉ to 84℉
Rainfall: 10-70mm

Crowd During May

As the month of May marks the end of Nepal’s spring tourism season, the popular trekking venues remain busy and crowded. The hotels charge a higher amount due to an increase in demand and as the monsoon approaches, the number of visitors declines. Hence, you should visit Nepal during the first half of the month as it provides the best environment for travelling. 


People trekking at Mustang
May is the prime trekking month in the country. The warm temperatures make teahouse and campaign treks much more comfortable. However, you should be aware of the visibility. As some of the places are not clearly visible due to humidity and dust. A brief thunderstorm and rainfall should not surprise you as this phenomenon is common during May. Here are some tips if you wish to go out for trekking during the month of May,

As almost all the trails are accessible throughout the month, the treks present at the lower altitudes might be unpleasant for some people. The main reason behind this is the uncomfortable hot and humid temperature at the lower altitudes. Hence, this is the perfect time to head for the mountains. The heat and dust make up an unpleasant dust environment in Kathmandu. So, if you find some uncomfortable situations, head out to the mountains, rivers, and hills. 

Things to Do During the Month of May!

If you like to face challenges, then the Everest season is best suited for you. Also, there are less difficult climbs which you can opt for. The best example being the Mera Peak, it is the highest trekking peak in the country. The height is 21,246 feet and it consists of some wild and remote valleys which you can have access too. 

Events During May

Buddha has many relations with Nepal
Caption Link
As Nepal is much more than trekking and mountains, the people here celebrate some indigenous festivals too. The major festival during the month of May is Buddha Jayanti. This day is celebrated all around the country. If you wish to see the best celebrations, then you should head out to Bhaktapur or Patan. The crowds come down to the streets for several processions. If you are a follower of the Buddha or a fan of the culture of Nepal, then you should visit the country to experience the best of celebrations.  

Another festival that often falls in the month of May is the Rato Machchendranath. It is celebrated all over Patan. During this festival, a statue of the god is pulled through the streets all over the city in a chariot for several days.

The month of May is one of the best times to visit the country. You can avail of a variety of trekking services and see the beauty of Nepal’s traditions. Do visit Nepal in the month of May if you want to experience the best of this country.

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