Live Music in London - The Best Places to Enjoy Live Music Shows

A music lover would be spoilt for choice when in London. The city offers various genres in live music ranging from classical music and opera to jazz and rock concerts. There are iconic venues and live music pubs and restaurants where some of the now famous British musicians once performed in their struggling days.

1. Hyde Park

Jazz Music Festival at Hyde Park

If you are a person who enjoys rock or pop concerts, London doesn’t let you down! From the Beatles and Queen in the 60s and 70s to Coldplay in the present day, these bands are testimony to Britain’s rock music culture. Hyde Park is one well-known venue for rock concerts. It has hosted many of the world’s big names in music. It has a huge capacity of about 15,000 people. A lot of music festivals have also been held here.

It is well connected to other parts of London by public transport and the ticket prices vary for different concerts.

2. The Black Heart

Live Rock Concert at The Black Heart

This is comparatively a smaller place for rock music. It is a pub with interesting art and decor in its ambience and has a goth vibe to it. It offers great beer (one of the best collections in London) at reasonable costs although the specials can be a little expensive. The place offers great food too and it is known for its Kimchi Cult cuisine. If you want to listen to music by the not-so-famous bands, Black Heart is the place to be!
Address: Camden, London
Ticket prices vary with performances.

3. Ronnie Scott’s

Live Concert at Ronnie Scott's

A night club, this place has been entertaining jazz lovers for more than fifty years now and has staged few of the big names in the jazz genre of music. Ronnie's bar upstairs has performances by artists ranging from Cuban bands to spoken word poetry. The club downstairs is mostly for jazz events that require a ticket to attend. 
Address: 47 Frith St, Soho, London
The tickets start at GBP 30 and it is advisable to buy tickets beforehand. It is open on all days of the week.

4. Slaughtered Lamb


Despite its quirky name, this pub is a cosy place with great food and one of the best places in London with live folk music. With its low ceilings, the place is just as acoustically pleasing as its performances every night. It offers an array of fine beer and cocktails. This place is particularly famous with American artists who sometimes fly down to London only for a single gig here. Slaughtered Lamb is apt for new artists who wish to have an intimate performance for their audience.

Address: 34-35 Great Sutton Street, London
Entry costs anything between GBP 3 and GBP 13 although some events are free

5. Notting Hill Carnival


Another musical event which happens in London every year is the Notting Hill Carnival. If you happen to be in London during the August bank holiday, you would not want to miss this piece of Black British culture! Ranging over various genres of music, it happens on the Kensington area streets and attracts around 2.5 million viewers every year!

6. The London Cabaret Club


As the name suggests, the club offers a fascinating cabaret experience to its patrons coupled with sophisticated dining. The cabaret shows commemorate the glory of the past and the present heritage of Britain. The best part is that all of this comes at a very affordable price.
Address: Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, London
Entry for the shows starts from GBP 45.

7. Cahoots


If you wondered what 1940’s London looked like, you would want to walk into this place! Cahoots has three spaces: The Underground, Ticket Hall and the Control Room. It is like travelling back in time to the 1940s when parties happened in underground disused tube stations with an impressive choice of cocktails, rationed snacks and music which pays tribute to that era.
Address: 13 Kingly Court, London
Live music can be enjoyed on all days except Mondays and Tuesdays
Regular patrons are given a ‘season ticket’ here.

8. Southbank Centre                                                                                                             


London is the perfect example of traditional co-existing with the modern. If you are someone who enjoys classical music, London is the place to be! The Southbank Centre located on the south bank of the Thames River is a well-known place for classical music. It has three halls – the Royal Festival Hall which has a 2700 seat capacity, the Queen Elizabeth hall and the 360 seat Purcell Room. The Royal Festival Hall hosts performances by the famous London Philharmonic Orchestra. The Queen Elizabeth Hall on the other hand hosts jazz musical shows. It also houses the Hayward Gallery and the Poetry Library. 

Address: Belvedere Road, London.                                   
While most musical shows are free, the others cost anywhere between GBP 15 to GBP 49. Tickets bought online attract an extra GBP 3.50 transaction fee whereas the cashless payment desks at the centre do not charge this amount.

9. The Royal Albert Hall


This is also popular for classical music especially for the culmination of the Proms. If you are in London during the summer and love classical music, you have to attend the Proms! It has daily shows for eight weeks in the summer in Cadogan Hall and the Royal Albert Hall. It is organised and broadcast by the BBC and the tickets cost as little as GBP 6! With a seating capacity of more than 5000, this hall hosts shows by famous musicians from the world over.  

Address: Kensington Gore, London

10. The Royal Opera House

A Concert at the Royal Opera House

Home to the Royal Opera and the royal Ballet companies and its orchestra, this place is celebrated for its ballet and opera performances. It has the capacity to house around 2000 people spread across 5 levels in its main auditorium. 
Address: Covent Garden, London                                                                                                 
The prices of the tickets for a show depends on which level you choose to be seated. The price ranges from GBP 15 to more than GBP 200. 

Let us know in the comments section, if we have missed any other famous spots for live music in London!

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