Two Friends Are Quarantining In A Pub in London & Enjoying Every Moment

With the global lockdown stretching from days into months and commutes not encouraged, unless very necessary, many are feeling cooped-up and are restless to break free. However, it’s not the same story for everyone. Two friends in North London have locked themselves up in a London pub and are having the time of their lives, as they go with the flow.

Steve Pond and Dom Townsend share an apartment, right above a pub in Stoke Newington, a hamlet in North London. The pub has been, as per the government norms, closed to the public, for quite some time. Townsend, the assistant manager of the pub, does look back fondly to the times when the pub was a hive of activity. However, at the moment, neither Townsend nor Pond has any complaints of having nothing to do, unlike a majority of the global population.

Not to mean that they do not wish to hang out with other friends and go places but as the current situation is not one that they can fix, there is nothing much that they can do, except try their utmost to keep themselves occupied and the empty pub lively, to a certain degree. They have reportedly been spending days, playing chess, cooking BBQ, at the rooftop and gulping down beer. After all, they have unlimited access to the taps.

After the USA, the UK has reported the highest confirmed cases. The pandemic wave struck the UK in late January 2020, with London, the capital and the largest city of England bearing the brunt of the pandemic in the UK. So far 206,715 have been confirmed positive, out of which 30,615 have died. On March 20, 2020, the government shut all schools, restaurants, pubs and various other places that encourage crowds.

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