Chennai's Marina Beach Bears the Brunt of Rising Pollution Levels!

We all know for a fact that the world is speeding towards alarming pollution rates. Degrading natural bodies are proof! Chennai's Marina Beach which was once a sparkling attraction, is now blanketed with toxic white foam puffs.

It is a recent occurring that has been witnessed by the beach. Accompanied by heavy rainfall, the pollutant is most likely a result of laundry detergent and other waste. We can't help but mourn over the appalling signals of contamination.

Rising Concerns 

What's amusing is that despite the frightening toxic foam which is harmful, some daunting individuals are revelling in the waterbody, also making it a backdrop for their pictures. Even after several warnings about the aftereffects of the foam which could cause skin damage, people are rejoicing at the beach water. 

A spokesperson from the local Pollution Control Board has revealed "It has mixed with the stagnant sewage which contains a high level of phosphate (a chemical derivative of phosphoric acid)", further adding that the excessive water along with untreated sewage has entered the sea and due to the severe turbulence, the coastline is engulfed in foam. "We have collected the samples and analysing them.”

A Continued Threat 

The foam was expected to vanish within a day or two as reported by the local officials; however, Monday, 2nd December was the fourth consecutive day to witness the toxic foam on the waters. 

Although it is not a first of its sort that Marina Beach is witnessing, the sewage treatment plan is directed for a certain amount of water. In the course of monsoon, an excessive amount of water can cause storage facilities to overflow. The problems don't end here. The toxic foam and frothing have continually killed tons of fish in the basin, which is a fatal attack to marine life. 

Similar Occurrences

In 2017, Bangalore's river banks faced the same frothing. In 2019, the Chhat Puja celebrations were accompanied by toxic foam on the river shores. The foam is filled with carcinogens that hold the power to build respiratory problems and skin concerns, making it a severe environmental and health concern. 

Pravakar Mishra, a scientist at the National Centre for Coastal Research in Chennai, stated: “pollution is now a bigger threat to India's beaches than the rising seas."

What are your views on environmental concerns? Share your opinions in the comments below!

This post was published by Sony Punjabi

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