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What is the best time to visit Egypt?

October to April is the best time to visit Egypt. During this time, the weather is pretty comfortable. December and January are the peak seasons in Egypt and the famous places like the Temples of Luxor, the Pyramids of Giza, and Abu Simbel remains the most crowded. Also, during these two months, the rates of all the Red Sea resorts are the most expensive. The summer months in Egypt are generally too hot and dry. From May to August, the sun is very strong, and it is imperative for you to carry sunscreens if you are travelling to Egypt during this time. The Nile Delta region and Cairo are cold from October to February. Apart from the weather conditions, the Islamic calendar can have a profound effect on your travel plans to Egypt. The weather in Egypt is usually sunny and hot throughout the year. So much so, that the wettest places in the country like, Rafah and Alexandria gets only around 46 days of rain per year. If you are planning to travel during Ramadan, you might need to give it a second thought. This is the month of daytime fasting, and hence, it might be problematic for transport and eating.

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Seasons in Egypt

Peak Season in Egypt
Peak season in Egypt starts from mid-October and stays till May, which is Spring and Winter. During these months, the temperature is most suitable to roam around in the pyramids during the day time. Easter, Christmas and New Year is the busiest in the country and also the most crowded. During the peak season, the best accommodation options are pricey too. So, in case you plan on travelling to Egypt anytime during these months, make sure that you plan it out early.

Shoulder Season in Egypt
March, April and September are the shoulder months in Egypt. The daytime temperature during these months are usually pleasant for trips. Also, during this time, you can enjoy sunbathing, snorkelling and swimming to the fullest in the Red Sea.

Low Season in Egypt
June, July and August are sweltering and hence, the low months in Egypt. However, during this time, the place is less crowded and everything, including accommodation options and hotels, are a lot cheaper than that of the peak and shoulder months. However, the low season depends upon the part of Egypt you are visiting. Alexandria’s low season is during the winters whereas Upper Egypt’s low season is during the summers.

Egypt in Winter (October - February)

The Weather in Egypt in October starts getting cooler with mild showers that last until February. In Cairo and the Nile Delta Region, winter months are cold, especially at night. However, the Southern part of Egypt remains warm even during winters. The only respite is that the temperature might fall during the evening. During these months, the tourism industry in Egypt is booming. And therefore, it might get a little difficult for you to find a reasonable accommodation. Also, the airfares are on the higher side. Festivals like Abu Simbel Sun Festival happens in October and King Ramses II’s Crowning Day is celebrated at the end of February. In the 7th of January, the Coptic Christmas is celebrated by the Coptics of Egypt. The largest exhibition of contemporary art, Cairo Art Festival, is celebrated in winters.

Egypt in Spring (March - April)

Egypt weather in spring is all about moderate temperature and ‘Khamsin’ winds. The travellers generally avoid the sand dust storm and hence, these months are again less crowded. The hotel prices are reasonable, however, as compared to that of the winter season. In Luxor, a five-day carnival known as Abu El Haggag Moulid is celebrated a month before Ramadan. The locals welcome the season of spring through a celebration called Shem al Nessim after the Coptic Easter.

Egypt in Summer (May - August)

The Weather in Egypt during Summers are scorching. It is the worst time to travel to Egypt. It is sweltering, and the maximum temperature can go until 40-45 degrees. There is very little or no rainfall during summers in Egypt so, you won’t get any respite from the dry, hot weather! During this time, the Ramadan takes place in May and June which is one of the most significant events in Egypt for the locals. Also, Eid El Adha is celebrated with quite a zeal in August. Also, as this is the low tourist season, the airfares are low along with the accommodations.

Egypt in Autumn (September)

The weather of Egypt in the fall season is comparatively cooler, and also, the prices of hotels and other accommodation options are affordable. Crowds are thin, and hence, it can be a great time to visit the country. A trip to the Mediterranean Sea is great during fall as it’s uncrowded and the water is warm and comfortable enough for you to have the best swim there. The locals celebrate Wafaa Al Nil in September as a devotion to the Nile River.

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